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  1. Surely this "revising" to make a better headline will get washed out by the quarterly and annual figures soon enough?
  2. Property bee reviels this........... 22/02/2017, Price changed: £229,995 04/02/2017, Price changed: from '£244,950' to '£229,995' Price changed: Fixed Price £229,995 16/01/2017, Price changed: from '£249,950' to '£244,950' 24/11/2016, Price changed: from '£265,000' to '£249,950' 07/11/2016, Initial entry found.
  3. Just looked on Zoopla at house prices in my are http://www.zoopla.co.uk/house-prices/ I find it interesting that when the east of england region is expanded all the individual counties show a "Zed index" BELOW aveage prices paid. Yet the east of england as a whole shows a higher "Zed index."
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/jan/02/fourteen-garden-villages-to-be-built-england-48000-homes-green-belt http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/02/new-garden-towns-villages-provide-200000-homes-ease-housing/ I'd like to think this is a good thing, but I fear it will be poorly executed.
  5. Of the 21 results for "added in last 14 days" to one of my regular searches 6 were reductions :-) Reduced today 3 added today 1 Reduced 3 added 14
  6. I would like to see BTL included in this graph , for comparison.
  7. Sorry if being thick, are you saying they will rais BY 0.5% or raise TO 0.5%?
  8. WOW, I kinda new there was a close corrilation but.... well just WOW!
  9. I have to agree, the question is, what will the lag between the US and the UK be? 1 month?.... 2month ?..3? 6? a Year!?
  10. Me for one, I am a tenant waiting to buy. I have a reasonable deposit and a good income, but I am not willing to buy at the current prices.
  11. home sales were largely unchanged between July and August, at 97,660. Sales were, however, 6% lower than inAugust 2015. (Source: HMRC,seasonally-adjusted figures)
  12. Is because an increase of properties coming to market as a whole, or is it just showing that Zoopla are gaining a larger percentage of the market?
  13. so what was the previous months figure prior to the "adjustment" shenanigans? this must be recorded somewhere.
  14. I think my maths is broken !!!! Aug --16 £206145 minus Jul--16 £205715 = £430 430 / 205715 = 0.00209 or 0.2% How did they get 0.6% increase ??
  15. http://static.halifax.co.uk/assets/pdf/mortgages/pdf/July-2016-Halifax-House-Price-Index.pdf
  16. When someone with about the average household income, can afford an average house, suitable for a aveage size family. WITHOUT help from BOM&D or shared equity or HTB or any other interference. Anything else is still bubble territory.
  17. Lowering IR from 0.5% to 0.25% or even 0% will have no real impact on sentiment IMHO. reminds me of Wile e Coyote flapping his arms when he steps of the cliff.
  18. Out, the EU is up sh!t creek without a paddle, time to leave the failed experiment.
  19. LInky fails, anyone got a good link for said free read??
  20. It is not "given" as stated above it is a loan. I don't know deffinately about interest, but I could find out at "work" tommorrow if peole really care?
  21. Does anybody know the insurance implications of not owning all the keys to the locks??
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