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  1. 1 hour ago, jabber said:

    Of course there have been periods when you can but look at gov policy. It's do anything to support house prices. Will it go wrong one day possibly. That could easily be 20+ years away. 

    I don't run multiple accounts that really is paranoia. 

    As for 8 years to run on io. That's another weird thing about this site. Your beliefs are wrong. I've changed lenders a few times and have 21 years to go. 

    So riddle me this, what would it take for you to buy % off current prices, or prices to come down to a specific multiple? Or some other measure? I'd love to know. 

    When an average house costs approx 4x average earnings.

    Not joint income, no shared ownership, no BOMAD, no "help" from the Gov or elsewhere. 

    Just this.....

    When an average house costs approx 4x average earnings.



    "Dominic Cummimgs; a Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, made it clear that he had stayed at a “spare cottage” at his father’s farm when he addressed allegations that he had broken lockdown restrictions in April. In an Exclusive, I can now reveal that the cottage in question is not registered for Council Tax, nor has planning permission be sought for the cottage from Durham County Council.

    I recently wrote how the “spare cottage” that Dominic Cummings stated he stayed at on his father’s farm near Durham, is in-fact jointly owned by himself and his family. This would therefore make Mr Cummings trip less of a journey for childcare, and more one to a second home, something was strictly prohibited at the time he travelled 260 miles north from London."

  3. https://static.halifax.co.uk/assets/pdf/mortgages/pdf/October-2018-House-Price-Index.pdf


     Prices in the three months to October were 1.5% higher than in the same three months a year earlier – slowing from the 2.5% annual growth recorded in September, and recording the lowest rate of growth since March 2013

     House prices in the latest quarter (August-October) were 0.2% higher than in the preceding three months (May-July)

    On a monthly basis, house prices rose marginally by 0.7% in October, following two consecutive monthly falls

    The average house price is now £227,869

  4. 10 minutes ago, Lavalas said:

    I think it’s more of rolling three months, so you’d compare July, Aug, Sept with Aug, Sept, Oct.

    I definitely could be wrong though.

    No i don't think that can be it.

    Last 3 months

    Aug 18    £214745

    Sep 18    £214922

    Oct 18    £214534

    Totals     £644201

    rolling 3 months

    Jul 18     £217010

    Aug 18   £214745

    Sep        £214922

    Totals   £646677

    That's still a fall

  5. Last 3 months

    Aug 18    £214745

    Sep 18    £214922

    Oct 18    £214534

    Totals     £644201

    Previous 3 months

    may 18    £213618

    June 18   £215444

    July 18    £217010

    Totals      £646072


    If the last 3 months is less than the previous 3 months how can the 3 month on 3 month % change be positive??

    i obviously don't understand how they calculate this figure, can someone please enlighten me?

  6. https://news.sky.com/story/money-laundering-crackdown-puts-estate-agents-and-public-schools-on-notice-11541619


    Mr Wallace also spoke of "attacking" criminals' ability to "enjoy some sort of status", as he warned high street businesses to guard against being used to facilitate money laundering.

    He described how out of around 620,000 suspicious activity reports to the National Crime Agency (NCA) every year, 83% of them are made by banks.

    However, for example, less than 1% are made by estate agents, Mr Wallace added.

    Estate agents will be targeted as part of a crackdown on money laundering. 

  7. 5 hours ago, rantnrave said:

    Data out Thursday morning.

    The most bullish of the current indices in recent months - time for a big correction??

    With the media being so excited and distracted by the strange white stuff falling from the sky causing havoc, now might be a good time to bury bad news ( under said white stuff)

    So I'm hoping for a lovely - 1%  :)



  8. 9 minutes ago, Funn3r said:

    How many times have I thought right strap down buckle up this is IT, but then next week we are back to Foxtons up 6% and MSM headlines of houses only gone up 3% this week but better times to come rsn. My nerves won't take much more :( Bring it on ffs.


    I am 100% with you Funn3r

    Please let this be IT. 

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