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  1. If I was them I would hold out for the 1.6 million if not more.. Why should they accept? I find this 'concern' about navigating the house at their age not very pleasant.. Why not go the whole hog and show 'concern' that they may have have a heart attack climbing the stairs and die and then maybe forced to sell.. Greed works both ways..
  2. if you are comfortable with any debt you are taking on (if any) go for it..
  3. i saw a related item on the bbc news last night suggesting cutting front line services and the drugs budget. no mention of looking at cutting the bureaucracy or management overheads which I found the most depressing part but I suppose you need more management to put all these cost cutting operations into action
  4. perhaps post him this link.. ... from the southfields grid sets the next bench mark at 400k (engadine) in the southfields grid.. Brinkleys 3 bedroom only but the 200k+ difference to other asking prices in the area (around 675-625k mark ) would buy a lot of loft extension and repairs
  5. Interesting I live in the same area within a quarter mile and have also had an 'interesting' experience with the same agent last year, to the degree I would never deal with them again. Probably go to Haart. House transactions on the grid where I live have been non-exsisitent since last year and I entireley agree with you as to why offer anything over £500,000. I think there was a EOT house on lavenham on the grid with asking price 475k which has a sold board up within days.. Very low viewing numbers on the Grid as well . A few last bank holiay spotted .. none this one so far.. good luck ..carry on offering under the 500k. I am sure something will come around.
  6. allders in croydon were offering 20% off barbour jackets yesterday if you are interested
  7. affordability ratio based on full time male earnings.. which on average are 6k higher than 'all' Gov stats and understandable since women apparently don't buy houses.. has it always been male earnings??
  8. Looks like the house price crash isnt across the board in sussex Doing well at the property game Brought in say July 2008 perhaps at 412k .. added loft coversion now worth £600K
  9. I also watched the savills auction yeserday with interest.. surpirised at the sold prices but the guide prices were good as well. still i think people paid over the odds. I did think that perhaps people maybe buying now to get a mortgage before they become unemployed when they defintely wont get one. Just a thought . I know I a pessimist and even though I am waiting to buy at the end of the year ..the thought of unemployment is there.. sometimes almost feels like a countdown till the end of the year
  10. 106 Sutherland Grove, Southfields, SW18 (SW18 5QW) not far away Semi detached with garage/shared drive - http://auctions.strettons.co.uk/ Lot 033 Guide price £320,000 went for £354k.. would be the tube side I suspect but still significant fall for wandsworth.. other than that I dont see a lot of sales actually taking place ; people seem to be content to leave houses on the market for months with very little price changes..
  11. 'He used to do purely sales and says his annual income, most of which depends on commission, was £80,000 in the good times. Now he is doing lettings, too, and his income - he is a little guarded on precise figures - is about half of what it was.' a 27 year on £80k a year ... have never earned close to that kind of money even being 10 years older than him . I also live in london I hoped he saved some...but I know quite a few people whose needs always expanded to meet their income and a fall in income like that took them over the edge..
  12. Hello , may I please ask what was the sale price in 2004 and area of london to give an IO payment of 635/month and rent of 1450 a month . As a accidental landlord that sounds like a great result . Thanks
  13. Telegragh yesterday 'But no one is more experienced on where to pitch an offer than the smooth-tongued buying agent. “We ignore completely the guide price on any property, whether it has been price-reduced or comes fresh to the market,” says Philip Selway of The Buying Solution. “We go back to autumn 2007, which was the recognised peak, and establish what the property was worth at that moment. Then we come down 20 per cent because that is how much the market has dropped.” 'Smoothed tongued' indeed!!!! Any suggestions as to what other value buying agents can add; apart from being able to read the HPC website and regurgitate??
  14. It will always be the arndale to me :-) i am sure that in the professional opening sequence they jump a car through a glass window near the old entrance
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