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  1. Government always love inflation. Inflate away nation debt, push more people to higher band of tax. Less debt, more tax income! Savers, what savers? Saver's vote are limited. There are much more votes from people on job seeker's allowance. http://www.cityam.com/news-and-analysis/allister-heath/inflating-away-the-uk-s-national-debt
  2. http://www.cityam.com/news-and-analysis/allister-heath/inflating-away-the-uk-s-national-debt
  3. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31745504.html Current asking price is 315K. 2003 sold at 350K. What you guys think about this property? Location is Isle of Dogs, London. I don't really think the house price is now less than 2003 price. I think the last transaction in 2003 was a big dodgy.... Any comment?
  4. If not to work is better off than low wage work, then people will opt for not to work. Hence decrease tax income and increase benefit payout. This makes whole society getting worse each day... which is what happened in the past decade. If low wage work is better than on benefit, people will opt for work. Hence increase tax income and decrease benefit payout. Again, less benefit payout will eventually (hopefully) lead to less tax. So the low wage work condition can be better. This makes whole society getting better.
  5. this sums up what happen in last 12 month. few sellers who doesn't need to sell urgently. fewer buyer wants to buy asap. result: price up with low volume. when will this situation change?
  6. To play safe, shop around for the savings account. Instant access still have 2.75%. Fix for 1 year should have 3.0% + Gold, it seems to me is sort of gambling giving the history high price at the moment.
  7. This can be true if rates go up and stay up for long time. What happen in the past was, rates raise to painful level, house price fall.... for awhile (let's say 1 year) ===> As you said, you still can buy similiar house because of high interest rate. After awhile (say 1 year), the painful rates come down and house price... stay low!. ===> You can buy much bigger house at this point.
  8. "The Ayatollah Buggeri" is right. As for UK PLC, it's not Natonwide's responsibility. If there is responsibility. That's make Nationwide profitable, improve efficiency. That's what Nationwide doing. If every company has to consider UK PLC, (using the example from "The Ayatollah Buggeri") then UK still using horse instead of cars because that's good for the employment - Hiring more people in the short term.
  9. One day, when an old dying boomer laying on the street... I am afraid I won't be the person to help.
  10. I'm afraid us (sensible saver.... or those who interest in HPC) is minority. Politician cannot hear voices from minority. They are busy kissing boomer's (majority) asses.
  11. Totally agree and I have exact feeling like you. I am going to wait after election.. although I have a feeling nothing will change.
  12. I been reading the news about "bad weather" cause the house price drop...... How could this be possible? To me, "bad weather" only affect the transaction volumn. Not the price... It seems some analyst is talking non-sense. Am I right?
  13. Actually, money in could take out immediately. As long as your last 6 months has 50,000. You can claim 5000 cashback. One thing worth notice is... Pity this is for FTB. I wonder why could they find out if you had a mortgage in the past or not..
  14. Where is this 3% ISA? I just checked the website, Santander only offer 2.75% at the moment. Have I just missed the 3% boat?
  15. Thanks, I think so as well and I won't buy any property before the election. I just want to clarify Shared Ownership for what's bad, what's good.
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