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  1. ABF closed down their Welsh factory about four years ago with a loss of approx 100 workers and shipped their Blue Dragon (Thai food products) to Poland as well as the Levi Roots brand. They then made 80+ workers redundant in their Kent warehouse. It is no surprise that they moved Twinings to Poland as well. I do think if you are currently one of the 200 workers in their Wigan-based Pataks (Indian food) factory you should be planning for redundancy/looking for another job as there is probably a factory in Poland already earmarked for making the curry pastes.
  2. A mate of mine bought, at peak, an apartment rather like the OP's friend. Over a year ago she wanted to sell to move to a different part of the UK and realised that on a 100% IO mortgage (as well as £2 grand a year service charge!) she was well and truly stuffed. At the time I suggested that bankruptcy seemed the only option and advised her to look at MSE. She stated that because of her job she would not be able to go bankrupt as it was against the rules of the industry she works in. She earns over £50,000pa. Hadn't seen her for quite a few months and saw her last week. Turns out through advice on MSE she has gone for an IVA, has a buyer for her flat at minus £100,000 what she paid for it, mortage provider is happy for her to sell it at the loss and she will end up only owing just over £20,000. Condition is that she must never miss a payment on the £20,000 owed which is to be paid back within 5 years. I was gobsmacked. Maybe the OP can advise his mate to do the same. Out of interest, who is paying the shortfall? I really cannot get my head around this.
  3. Have to agree with D Junk above. People will continue to kill children and there is nothing that social workers/councils/doctors can do. The lying and manipulation by the offenders is incredible and not answering the door, being out, changing your surname or moving around is impossible to monitor so matter how great or expensive a database may be. You quite often get a suspect male, already on the radar with one child who unknown to local authorities has got another woman pregnant. He has had a couple of stepfathers himself so uses two or three surnames and moves in with the other woman using another name and is basically untraceable.
  4. Does anyone know in which year the IO mortgage began? I think it was about 15 years ago. Assuming most were taken out on a 25 year plan I was just wondering in what year the SHTF big time. Yet another timebomb ticking away.
  5. Got rid of mine late last year. Trouble is that the bills now seem vast and I wonder how on earth I ever managed the mortgage in the first place. Not that I ever had a massive one. I really do wonder how on earth most people can afford any mortgage unless they are on rather large salaries.
  6. Caught red-handed. Expect severe reprimands!
  7. When I used to go to clubs in the 90s with the pill-taking culture I couldn't get my head around the fact that people were mainly drinking water, NOT purchasing alcohol at the bar. Most people bought their own water with them so how on earth could the club survive by not selling drinks? Surprised, even at the time, that these clubs kept going. Now of course young people drink loads before they even leave the house. I never drunk anything before leaving home. Certainly not at my parents (they would not have let me) and not even when I lived in a flatshare. Now all my friends with teenagers seem to think that this is the norm and have even said to me that it is cheaper than buying drinks in the bars/clubs. That may be true but I think it's terrible. I've seen their teenagers leaving for a night out and they are pissed as they go out the door! Maybe I'm just getting old.
  8. Imagine my mates brother living until he's 75 or 85. That would be 25 or 35 years on minimum £50,000pa. His wife (also in public sector middle management) is 12 years younger than him. So as well as her retiring on a good pension she will also be in line for roughly half of her husbands pension once he dies. Let's assume she lives until she is 90. How much is that being paid for years into the future whilst not working. It really is incredible.
  9. My mates brother retired at 50 from the police force last year. She has hinted (rather enviously) at his pension being somewhere between £50,000-£70,000. Six months into retirement he took a middle management job at the local council.
  10. Of course they are worthless. I was just so shocked to see them in a local agents window. I assume some local person had 'invested' and now wanted out.
  11. At lunchtime I often glance in the local EAs windows to see what's coming on, see if certain houses are reduced, see what has apparently sold etc. etc. Today I saw in a prominent central position a rather large detached house priced at £12,000 BUT it is in Detroit! They had three in all for sale. The one at 12 grand has a tenant but it did not state was rent was being paid. If I hadn't been in such a hurry I would have got the details to post here. May pop in tomorrow and get them. I have sometimes seen the odd Spanish villa tucked in estate agents windows here but never three properties in Detroit. I was gobsmacked. It was weird though because the Detroit places looked very large and, at first glance, appeared to be a bargain when placed next to run down shoddy looking terraces here in the south east at £180,000+.
  12. My local paper this weekend had a BTL 'portfolio' of 14 properties up for sale at £1.6 million bringing in, apparently, £89,500 per annum. First time I have ever seen an ad like this in my area. I am down in Kent but the properties are not in Ashford ... yet.
  13. I am currently temping in the public sector and all the admin staff in one department are 'at risk'. People are not at all happy and realise that they are going to be applying for their own and other colleagues jobs. They are madly applying for other government/council jobs but are getting replies back quite quickly saying the sheer volume of applicants means they are not even getting their CV's seen let alone an interview. One staff member who a year ago worked up north (for another public sector department) had a call from a former colleague today telling her the whole department of 75 people were being made redundant. Apparently the department was based in London a few years back and many staff moved up north in order to keep their jobs. In the last 3 years of temping I have worked for about 12 companies (private and public) and all of them were cutting staff. I have yet to temp in a place that is hiring and I am in the 'affluent' south east!
  14. Frank - he did give them an earful, especially when he heard the 'duty of care towards customers' line. Of course the 'manager' was aged about 25 so he probably thought my dad was an old nutter. My dad is unfortunately too old and not computer literature but I don't have to brief him on any of the madness discussed by many on here. He has been briefing me for years and is as passionate as Eric P!
  15. My parents withdrew £10,000 last week from an ISA they had for a year (interest gained £34.00!!) and as they were about the get given the cash the manager mysteriously appeared next to the cashier and enquired if they knew what they were doing as the building society/bank had a 'duty of care' towards them and were worried they were making a huge mistake!!
  16. Forgot to mention that trust fund mate has three children all of whom are privately educated.
  17. The leader of my county council is paid in excess of £190,000 per annum and is leaving in the next couple of months. He is being given a £200,000 goodbye pressie on top of his generous pension. Even putting aside the outrageous large salary, why are these people being given such massive amounts when they leave? It's mindboggling. Most people on leaving a job might be owed a couple of days holiday they didn't take. How can they justify paying for this sort of thing?
  18. I have a mate who is a trust fund babe, worked only for about six months in her twenties and has a Coutts bank account and she gets tax credits! I kid you not.
  19. I don't normally like getting personal on appearance but did you see her horrible lumpy legs! Horrific.
  20. Yes, sb2 - look at Simon Cowell. Still the public love him, hopefuls desperate to get on his shows, treated like some talent guru. It is all spin and the only person who gets seriously rich is him. Weird.
  21. Always better to be the songwriter rather than the performer. Bernie Taupin probably has a lot less stress, less ego, is able to lead a relatively normal life compared to Elton John. It was a long time ago so cannot remember what the mechanical rights were for band members but I can guarantee it was the record company, publisher, lawyers, accountants and drug dealers who were making the real bucks. I believe that more recently some of the more successful boy/girl bands twigged about the songwriting bonus and even though others may have written the song they managed to get their name down as co-writer. Normally I would state that Guy Chambers is or will end up being richer than Robbie Williams but assume that Robbie is 'co-writer' on some tracks. Of course the history of popular music is littered with musicians/songwriters being totally ripped off by record companies and managers. Some of the stories, especially in black music are outrageous. Why do you think James Brown would not even get onstage until the cash filled suitcase was delivered personally to him. Back to Lee. He was lucky (depending on how you view things). He got picked for the made up band and probably another 20 kids could have been picked just as easily. He didn't have any outstanding talent. He may be a nice guy. But ultimately he was in the right place at the right time. That's all.
  22. Does it not make more sense for Germany (and France) to leave the Euro?
  23. Many of these pop type 'stars' are just 15 mins of fame characters. They don't realise that singing other people songs is not really that lucrative. A million pound record deal means the record company will give you a million pounds and out of that you have to pay for services i.e. videos, costs etc. Any honest manager/accountant should tell these kids that the money you earn while you are popular should be treated as possibly the total income for the rest of your life. If you actually pocket £750,000 in your 4 years of popularity you are unlikely to ever to earn that money again outside of those 4 years therefore the £750,000 is likely to be your lifetime salary. Of course most wannabees don't/wouldn't understand this and spend the money as if they will always be earning at that rate. Years ago when I worked in the record industry a two hit wonder 4 piece boy band arrvived at Heathrow after a couple of gigs abroad and went apeshit on the phone to me because only one limo had arrived to pick them up. They demanded one limo each as they were worth it. Unfortunately they seemed to think the record company paid for this. They did not realise that the costs for these four limos came out of their advance and therefore they were paying for them. There was no point in telling them this fact as they probably would not have understood and/or would have inisisted on the four limos anyway. Maybe Lee can do a few more realiity shows.
  24. miko - totally agree that minimum wage is now the default wage. Wages have been decreasing for some time. Job I went for 3 years ago is now being advertised at £2,000 less than when I applied. My boyfriend left a job a couple of years ago. When he left it was paying £25,000pa - Restaurant Manager. The same job was on caterer.com at £16,000 a month ago. Was filled pretty quickly as well even though the hours are 60+ per week. Of course the directors and higher ups have been paying themselves more. Will we end up with a small percentage living it up and everybody else, working or not, on £9,000-12,000 a year?
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