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  1. Tricky question. I guess it is difficult if it is not a commutable location. We have just bought a house in a village with a population of 400 people in the north Lincolnshire wolds. We have 2.5 acres and a decent sized house for 188K. This was much cheaper than trying to find anything similar in the city across the river. The neighbours are nice and friendly, there is no noise pollution, there are loads of local footpaths through the wolds, there is a pub and a shop (The supermarkets will deliver the major weekly shop). The commute only takes five minutes longer than it used to as I no longe
  2. I have been a long time reader here (2004 i think) We have been waiting a while to buy our next house (own a small terrace outright at the mo). We finally bought the house of our dreams (hopefully) this weekend. Yes to plug the old mantra, there are alot of kite flyers out there, however we managed to find a house we like being sold by people that desperately wanted to move (to old to get up the stairs) so we got a good price. Anyway to reply to the message we got our Mortgage sorted out the other day, the phone line to all of the lenders were jam packed. I asked if it was normally this bus
  3. A more interesting figure is that from their data prices are down by 5.3% from last August. Include inflation and that is getting close to 10% in real terms.
  4. Very cool, but some of the imaging is a bit out of date (I can see my old car that I got rid of 4 - 5 years ago)
  5. Homeowner for 5 years, bought before the stupidity started. Will stay put for about five years until all of this is over one way or another.
  6. I understand your point of view (It used to get me down as we wanted to trade up but I did not think the difference in price was worth it even though we can afford it and choose not to be ripped off). I found this site after coming to the conclusion that the housing madness could not continue forever. I have learnt allot from reading this site, there are many intelligent people that post on here, I have even made some money from some of the advice on here (I would not have considered gold or mining shares if it were not for DrBubb, bought in early last year). But as you point out it is all
  7. Yep that's right. I agree with you. We will have to see how it all pans out over the next couple of years, no rush (although in the beginning I hoped it would move faster).
  8. Both the same thing?, maybe frequency decreasing and amplitude increasing
  9. Yep tried it with a few variations and it woud apear that the "you have debt problems" appears when you check the renting box no matter what income you put in, zero debts and the the highest monthyly savings. mmm slightly suspect test methinks
  10. At No 2 Myself. We bought a 2 bed terrace, are in the process of building a decent size extension (extra bedroom and a big bathroom, doing allot of the work myself). Built a 4 car garage last year and still have 100ft of garden left. The total Mortgage is less than the cost of top of the range 3 series. We have done the mod’s for our benefit as we feel it would be madness to saddle ourselves with a big mortgage. By the time we are done in the next month or two we will be happy to stay here for the next few years, start a family and when the house price madness has all played out move on with
  11. This may be true of certain types of proplems, but in many if fields within my degree this would simply make a pass mark available to you. Most exam problems required understanding of the problem before using knowledge of the physics of the situation to help a mathematical model to be developed and then solved. Yes some parts of the process could in theory be learned parrot fashion, but the shear volume of information that is required to learn is far more difficult than understanding the principle to allow derivation from first principles.
  12. If you are interested then here are the gas prices and futures for Today. The price will come down from what is predicted at the end of Feb/March depending on weather and sentiment as the supply starts to become greater than demand for the summer months.
  13. Is a degree worth it? From my point of view it has been essential. I left school at 16 and did a number of different jobs. I managed to learn skilled jobs very quickly and then got bored and moved on because I had got as far as I could up the wage scale. There seemed to be perceptions that because I did not have a bit of paper that I would not be as good as a graduate. I believe in many professions this is simply not true, although in my chosen discipline there is no way I would have been able to learn such a vast volume of information and develop analytical skills in such a short time as a
  14. All interesting points of view. I have a chemical engineering degree which is pretty tough going 30 hours plus lectures per week and then there was a mountain of projects on top of that. We had to do a horizon broadening module (ahem) I took european business studies. I went to the first lecture and the last lecture (+2 hours in the library) to hand in the assignment and do a presentation, for this little effort I scored over 90%. If I had done this on my chemical engineering subjects I would have been lucky to score 10%. All degrees are definatly not equal in difficulty and I would suggest
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