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  1. choose ANY 25 year period in modern history agreed it may affect your total return when you start but it will always be preferable to long term renting. the important point as i stated is 'it is an enforced savings scheme' on the whole people do not voluntarily provision for their future needs and as a result have to go cap in hand for govourment assistance upon retirement. which leads to the nanny state and control of our lives.
  2. there is a difference between a demand loan commonly called a call loan and a term loan.
  3. they would do a routine search for any liens against the property.
  4. banks have a fiduciary duty and i honestly believe are on the whole responsible lenders i cannot speak for other parties in the process having no personal experience in those areas.
  5. game theory has many detractors who consider it bunkum especialy when it comes to issues of morality. the prisoner dilemna cannot be extrapolated to cover humanity as it is conducted in a controlled enviroment with no peer pressure interactions.
  6. self cert loans are sometimes the only form of mortgage lending available to self employed people whom form a quite large proportion of the working population [i am self employed and do not have the benefit of a contractual agrement with my employer] liar loans may have been a particular problem stateside but i think that there incidence in the UK has been over exaggerated.
  7. hey are borrowers children or adults joint responsibility springs to mind, are we not able to do a simple income and expenditure budget.
  8. so many angry people on this forum whats your beef if you want to opt out head for the woods and become self sufficient.nobodys asking you to pay 'inflated' prices the market sets the price for goods or services you lot sound like angry daily mail reders. the world does not owe you a living ante up or not we have freedom of choice you know.
  9. we are all complicit in setting prices stop whining, the market is what the market is - a public place where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods. if its a bit rich for you stop in your poxy rental and let us take the easy money.
  10. constable plod on the case, what a bunch of jackals!
  11. lets go back to the days of barter then you shoe my cart horse and i will give you a loaf of bread. but dont forget to tug your forelock at the local squire and if you have nothing to barter then i guess its the workhouse and death by 35, times have moved on my freind and yes for the better in good part due to term rate loans available from a modern banking industry.
  12. blah blagh blagh those big bad banks if it was not for them lending most people would be living in a tent how long do you think it would take to save the purchase price of a house out of earned income. next time you apply for a mortgage or business loan look in the mirror and ask yourselves am i a hypocrite.
  13. Dostoevsky vi. 216 'The truth of God and the law of nature'..compel Raskolnikov first to be exiled from the humanity he has outraged, and then to confess and accept the public consequences of confession as the only way to become a man among men again.
  14. not so most intelligent people show restraint and foresight for the common good,we have evolved from the beast and are able to make choices
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