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  1. I am far too busy defining future Conservative housing policy to frequent forums like this don't you know! That policy would involve a government mandate to keep property porn as prime time viewing regardless of whether anyone is watching it.
  2. There are plenty of profits to be made in Guantanamo. Now I have infiltrated the Tory party I shall shortly be in charge of the country. Finally I can move my show to the BBC. Prepare to be overwhelmed by property wisdom 24 hours a day.
  3. I will come and destroy you all with my property picking super powers.
  4. Yet another one of those days when I'm so glad I live in Scotland
  5. All of the bulls have been absorbed into one uber bull... me! (Well maybe more like munched up than absorbed but you get the idea). I am here for the final conflict at the end of this house price horror story. These meaningless figures merely prove that house prices will rise foooorrrreveeerrrrr!
  6. Winston Churchill said, "Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." Oh so true :-)
  7. Our rent is less than 9% of our combined income! Rents are so distorted here at the moment they aren't far off 1995 prices!
  8. Dare you question My wisdom!!! I shall destroy you with My house picking and hat eating powers. Prepared to be munched deinvestor.
  9. Listen to the voice of the enlightened one... Mistress Rosie, she say, if BTL good enough for Melinda Messenger it good enough for you. Go forth and BTL.
  10. One has considered therapy however in my wisdom I have deigned it too cruel and unusual a punishment for property market insurgents. Instead I shall use my property ramping super powers to crush you all.
  11. Wicked child! Don't you understand that this is merely a temporary blip in the rate of increase of house prices rises? Now that my puppet government is safely reinstalled we can get back to the business of making everyone multi-trillionaires. Those who have deinvested will become lapdogs to the nation's house owning elite. Where is this Monkey... all that he is cooking now is his own fear.
  12. How dare he deinvest, a crime worse than death. But it is he that shall suffer as prices continue to grow exponentially. Soon prices will be measured as multiples of infinity. I shall send my minions Spencer and Millard to deal with him. Feast upon this irrefutable long term graph showing house prices can only ever go up
  13. Fear not for Super Krusty Bull is here. I have come to suppress this bear faced rebellion by spreading the truth about the property market. If you do not invest in the property market you will regret it for ever. House prices can only ever go up. My finger licking house picking super powers guarantee that you cannot lose. Bring forth the Monkey and all that he cooks so that we may do battle. Only those that deinvest will suffer...
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