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  1. I claimed contributions based JSA £60.40 a week. This is paid irrespective of your savings if you have paid sufficient NICs. Hope this helps Chris
  2. Trying to be impartial, if you look / listen closely to his point, he's saying the market has not yet bottomed and you are in a stronger position if you're buying before it does. This seems reasonable to me as, as a buyer I can offer a lower price than is currently perceived as the market price and you as a seller might accept it as your expectation is further declines in market price ie you're sh1t scared. However, if the market then bottoms out at a price higher than you accepted, you lose. Lots of ifs buts and maybes but a valid argument for relative bargaining positions IMHO
  3. Sadly the number of modest working folk in London has risen somewhat since then. Add to that the events of recent years et voila
  4. They grow like weeds so you need to pen them in using a bucket with no bottom to it. Bury the bucket and plant them inside it
  5. There is a problem with this website's security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website. Click here to close this webpage. Continue to this website (not recommended). More information
  6. Merlin Estates are owned by Michael Boulding and his wife Deidrie. They operated as Boulding Industrial Supplies near Atlas Works on Carlisle Street in the 1980s and went bust there. They owed me £180 - so big deal! I learned from that, the bankrupcy papers later showed they owed nearly a million then which was huge in the 1980s. They avoided losing everything by putting things in her name, then they bought Castle Dyke House on Ringinglow Road, the place thet Naseem Hamed bought. They sold it to him. They then bought Beauchief Hall which was sold on, possibly to that other famous Sheffield bankrupt Hichcliffe! Michael Boulding's brother is Tom Boulding the landlord of Fagans pub on Broad Lane. It faces the now defunct development accross the road, funny old world ....... http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=3916123 How do these fvcking scum sleep at night?
  7. He's just been on (15.40 ish) and was asked to justify his get out of sterling quote and offered the following The UK has had two things to sell Oil The City Both of these are gone so the balance of trade and therefore currency will decline. Bailout will lead to inflation, higher interest rates and debt. He expects parity or worse with the dollar over the next decade Poses the question What is the UK going to be selling in years to come? In response to what would he do? I would let the Banks go bankrupt and let them start over. Korea Russia Spain Mexico took their medicine. All survived and started over. Japanese stock market is still below 19 years ago
  8. Thank you, along with contriubutions from Lepa1972 and subsidiser you have helped this thread enormously. Did anyone else think that our Dragon James looked a bit out of his depth?
  9. You only manifest the "monthly losses" if you sell. If you're confident of your financial circumstances and you are buying for the long term then why not buy, if you find the house of your dreams.
  10. Sterling's current plight puts that model under threat
  11. Hi, new here and no economist so go easy. It occurs to me that hyper inflation might wipe out consumer debt over time. What do you think? Regards
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