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  1. thats fvkin harsh man, my stuffs not great but 'things' keep me going you have to keep goin dont sink man
  2. That sounds like a male seeking err something ad, do you feel better now?
  3. go on then id rather toe to toe than verbally assualt a person on numerous threads i think hes got a speech impediment or something he cant get it all out in one post, and cant add to the question in hand so i might as well resort to sticks and stones,
  4. does it matter what im using, you use ur **** for a mouth
  5. The post wasnt about wages it was about food prices you nob, but fwiw no they wont go up what else dya wanna know gordo and whats the likely impact then smart ****,
  6. few things im not indebted im not your friend and im not angry so it boils down to this, you just think like most here you are the godly one who will preside over all the kingdom saying i told you so whilst polishing your pride and joy on a sunday that you bought on the cheap cause your a cheapskate mutt like most middle englanders are and i bet you cut your lawn and clean your own windows and make do, its life dont feel youve achieved fvk all get on with it.
  7. eh tidy post, afraid to say food will fvkin rocket next year were dya think it all comes from end o garden, nope fvkin europe the majority anyway mate these 'european' companies bakkavor, tulip etc that ponced off grants to set up ere and yeh theyre sending the dosh back home the bastards and yet we continue to bow and scrape to it. somethings not right.
  8. On another thread someone said this forum is shite it is because all you nobs can talk about is someone elses misery. like oohh fukin ell so and so is skint but they keep takin out more equity more loans the irony is most you mutts have probably talked yourselves out of a job through all this, how fvkin clever are you now then, feel free to pm if the lily livered mods allow it - the have a lot to answer for come judgement day they wanted this shite so stand up and be counted fvkin wusses.
  9. 4 beds det going for 450 - 475 down there late 2007 so the one you refer must be fully kitted i guess all the trimmings big drive garden the lot, just consider schools as private is well pricey and like someone said very snobby not in a good way all fur coat no knickers round there.
  10. totally agree with ya selling a house price crash in theory is actually a lot feking different to selling one in reality all the smug fuks who wanted the crash will probably be the worse off becausue of the crash, not the crash in house prices they wanted but the crash in the banking system has taken all these dicks by surprise cause now thay cant even get the doh to buy a cheap house, fvkin morons.
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