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  1. you're a little fibber Laura. http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?s=&showtopic=4411&view=findpost&p=180259 something like this would have been better ya fibber: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=149852
  2. What ever happened to this doomsayer?

  3. he has been doing it with me for ages. most people reach their limitations without ever realising it......
  4. thanks for that moneyscam, can't beat good anecdotal.
  5. spot-on. talking about globalisation & not aimed at you absolutezero: fwiw, I don't agree with globalisation though, because it doesn't make sense to me. It's another case of expansion for expansions sake & the fact that the US want to rule the world...... has a company ever said let's just make last years targets because you are all working hard enough. Is there anything wrong with the above statement ? no there isn't, it because people think they are free, until they try to do otherwise, then they realise they are just economic slaves but at varying levels. Each country ranking its people above another............
  6. actually I think this is a case of 'Watch what they do, not what they say' ...again...... I mean are we really to believe that those MP's will be prosecuted........no chance. It's TPTB realising that the peasants are really, really skint & ready to rumble, so they are throwing out of favour fish in the boat.
  7. yep, fair point. I have been early wrt a couple of things already & I suppose looking at past timelines/history can work both ways. This is The Greater Depression, so I assume it will take longer to unfold... yes I came across that article, it may have even been you that posted it a couple of weeks ago (or last week actually ?) ok thanks for your insights. Also talk of certain countires abandoning the Euro, personally I don't think that will happen as it's seen as a badge of acceptance/honour for some countires imo. Euro is doomed to failure though in the medium term........max 10 years ?? picking random throw away figures here obviously....
  8. & plus it's a woman driving. they have just mastered the locking petrol cap
  9. been waiting a looooong time for the bond markets to go HAM. Let's hope this is the proper start of it.... they have done a brilliant job of plate spinning I must admit.
  10. technical support levels are a crock of sh1te imo, made up to give the day traders confidence.....the problem is that the 'market' knows what your trading stops are, therefore they can bankrupt you in a couple of minutes by taking the share price just under your trade. in a bear market as bad as this a lot of traders have been & will lose a lot imo. in a bull market then probably a different outcome for the same set of conditions...........
  11. yes but what do the UK of europe own in that purely europe bit I wonder. men in black suits, in all black cars meeting at the weekend in the US & calls to the UK on Sunday night. I hope everyone is out of stocks'n'shares &/or metallic ETF's.
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