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  1. And I thought it was something in english that rhymes with banker.
  2. shouldn't this thread be with the Ron Paul thread in current affairs?
  3. This guy? But what is with the dates on the videos? Curious only. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puSUrO87VM0&feature=related
  4. Can't get this to run. Keeps saying error. Was it reported in the msm. I don't see msm so just wondering; 1. can you watch it?, and 2. was it reported? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEoCuSTqekM&feature=related
  5. Yup, I'll start myself tonight. Not sure what the wifey will make of it though. Also heard that Gold in a certain format is even better.
  6. Thanks for the information. It confirms what I'd read elsewhere about Hitlers magic turn around of a bankrupt country. That he sent the Rothschild bank rep' packing a little while after taking office JANUARY 30th, and then a few weeks later on MARCH 24th there were headlines in uk and usa.... http://www.biblestudysite.com/judeawar.htm JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY. Ran in daily express and associate rag in states same time. Lovely thing this internet and long may it last.
  7. Argentine advice for the Greeks...Default now and go back to the Drachma http://www.hellenesonline.com/go/2012/02/argentine-advice-for-greece-default-now/
  8. It's no surprise the you tube rating system was scrapped when you see clips like this. The 1% don't want this sort of info being seen by large numbers of the plebs. They might get idea's
  9. Who are the Irish bank bond holders..........No suprises there for me but enjoy the kn*b getting toasted by the interviewer
  10. As a person of 50 plus it became obvious to me that from about 1980 onwards there has been a plan to change healthcare access in the uk. The plan has been to allow money to be made in large quantities by people external to NHS. Since about 1980 the NHS has been under a major attack to obtain this privatised goal. Not for any reason but to make a huge sum of money from many, for a microscopic few. The money being made for the owners of the farmcucital industries in USA will not stop change in the UK to get the same model of profit for the few owners in the uk. The only reason it has and is taking so long is the sheer professionalism and social stake most workers, surgeons, nurses, doctors, cleaners etc had and have, historically in the past and now going forward. All those that have passed in that time contributed and should be celebrated for delaying the final solution to the uk NHS. For all those now in the NHS including the new should be thanked for their efforts to keep this genuine WW2 flagship going. The people of the uk sacrificed to get this service and just because that ww2/50's generation is leaving should not be the reason to to now further enslave their children. Rant over. No idea why i care. I've left.
  11. Sorry for late reply as was away from internet. I found the Godwins law very interesting but own up to be so sad and lazy I got the information from wackypedia. I have adopted a habit of equating and relating a person or group of peoples actions and attitudes WRT 'The Nazi's'. I spy for an older bloke. Looking out for satans little helpers in life. Anyone I meet, see or read factual articles about have their words, attitudes and actions compared to sociopaths and psychopaths. So someone like kissenger, who have no human empathy and commit mass murder by their words and actions automatically come into the 'category'. kissengers crimes against humanity are well documented. Having read Godwins law I can see that I should not by extension ask a forum poster if they are such a creature, as it is un warranted, unfair at best and pathetic at worst. I have to apologise. Sorry Mr Leister square
  12. I agree with what you say here. That we only disagree with the extent of responsibility/culpability. And I'm biassed because my home is there and I know too many hard working people too believe they are all feckless criminals. They are humans. Stupid maybe, but human never the less.
  13. You are correct. The people are armed and dangerous and the government nervous. And to also to quote you "So it is not only the MPs etc, but the 8% unions and public sector workers.
  14. Are you naive enough to believe these robbers gave a hoot about that? As they snuggled up to goldman sacks, guiding them into the scam on their own country. They all knew very well their own people avoid taxes and that there was no plan to alter normal greek behaviour. I know it is a dishonest act but it was not the 10 million people of greece sitting around the table with GS shysters, scumbags and ne'er do wells.
  15. The greeks have never paid taxes. It's an historical thing I'm happy to continue. Perhaps that was the problem for kissenger and his ilk and why until recently the greeks enjoyed a very good quality of life. I'm talking about before the advent of the euro. The currency has done very well for Ireland and greece i must say.
  16. Here are the figures for the greek public sector compared to usa. http://www.philip-atticus.com/2011/09/public-sector-employment-in-greece.html About the same. I remember when the thatcher used to say how lazy the british workers were compared to everyone else, striking and going sick. It was only some years later I found out the british struck the least when compared to germany and france in the same timeframe. Propoganda. Always suckers for propoganda who don't think or are too lazy, or who have a vested interest. why are you so upset? I've got greek friends who are really angry about the lazy public sector workers but they all acknowledge the real theives have been the politicians.....and they are going to gid rid of them as soon as they can. what is the connection between the public sector workers and the treason committed by a few individuals in government? everything worked perfectly well before the euro was put in place.
  17. I get your reply but have to disagree sorry. You still blame millions of people for the actions of a few hundred, if that many. The people you sweepingly blame are the same as you or I. Just get on with life and when they can and if they want, get a bank advance for whatever. They did no different to you or I. This is going to go very badly for the criminals still in power in greece unless they manage to flee now. They pumped plenty of money abroad and sold the countries assets. now would be a good time to try to get away. I'd recommend the film debtocracy which nails exactyly what went down and the german involvement. and i mean the german owners, not the german people who are also exactly the same as you, me. an Iraqi or even 'coming soon' millions of dead Iranians. Re Kissenger. You will never get what he said to some journo's way back in any history lesson given by authorised sources. However what he said about smashin' the greeks is in the public domain thanks to the internet. I'd find it for you but have posted the link before possibly on this thread
  18. re the last, no it did not add weight to my argument as such. But he would be proud of your standpoint for sure. This his wet dream from years ago to smash the greeks. Saying people knew about the government sponsered banking fraud by previously voting some particular group into parliment is simplistic and naive. If you voted some set or other of numpties into downing street and then they started lobbing bombs around the middle east killing the women and children in their hundreds of thousands on a false pretext I'm sure you'd be very upset if someone later mentioned it was your fault for voting them in, just before he cut your head off. I'd be right jarred off about that if it were me. But that same scenario would never happen right? In all the quasi debtocracies around the globe people make sure they are 'installing' the correct government no?
  19. Well this is a silly post. Out of 10 million people what proportion of them made a fortune? 1% or 2% or even a mad 5% A figure with links would be nice. Include the senior kn*bs who sent shed loads of loot to switzerland. What proportion of the 10 million became worse off or even destitute having taken the offer of legitimate bank loans to improve their lives in many ways? You know, business loans, or moving house for bigger families, you know........ "things like". There may be a clue in the proportions in the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators seen recently.......And this is just the warm up. You aren't that aging nazi bloke called kissenger are you?
  20. Hands in the air I admit I did wackipedia for expediency. I will research better in future as probably connected to what I'm already interested in.
  21. To answer your thread title.....Is tax for stupid people? Er yes,.
  22. Well there was a civil war in 36 to 39 where Nazi Germany backed/propped up the fascist rebels, who ultimately took power from a democratic republican government to bring in a fascist state. Perhaps during that period the spanish people defaulted on paying the nazis for the bombs being dropped on them by the nazis. Sure helped franco and his buddies take power. Who knows? No need to press on through france in 1940. Though franco and his cronies didn't adopt the reichmark, ops sorry, I meant euro at the time.
  23. I think people have the gender wrong. I'm sure the money goes to Her Majesty R.... C.... I could be wrong of course. Maybe I can't the forms read properly. My bad.
  24. The people that run the anglo american empire want what Iran's got and so they are pushing everyone to war as usual. Been doing it for a long time under everyones noses. At least I'll have a grandstand seat for this one .
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