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  1. How did you guys come the conclusion that anyone can just come over and work in the UK (I noted the repeating "open door" and "mass immigration" mentioned)? Well, I can surprise your average Daily Mail reader: the current system (about which I probably know more than the majority of the posters here) makes it very hard or practically impossible to legally come over and "take 3 of 4 jobs", which makes me think about who might be all that immigrants. As of 3 years ago, there's no more SBS that used to allow low-qualified workers to do manual labour in the UK, Tier 2 (work permits) is extremely
  2. Wow, my hometown on HPC! The building has been going on since early 1990s and was illegal from the start. What it worth is the cost of the plot of land minus however much it is to demolish the thing.
  3. Motorcycle was the answer for me 4 years ago and I've never looked back since. I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea, but when week's petrol equals a day's commute by train+tube, that's really a no-brainer. Shame the Quasar that had roof didn't pick up...
  4. That's true as long as you need all that useless panels on the sides in Photoshop or Illustrator. Plus there's an external display port. As for the Intel Atom and abysmal 1Gb of memory, the G5 I used at one of the client's offices was even slower.
  5. Used to agree with that until they've switched to Intel processors; it was just the Motorola bits that used to drag that otherwise pretty good machines down. If you factor in the build, parts quality (machined aluminium body) and sky-high resale value, modern macs (especially cheaper laptops and iMacs) seem like a good value for money in their segment, along with most expensive Sony and HP machines. You will struggle to buy i5 or i7-based systems and LED-backlit monitor made by Dell and Acer for much cheaper that current Apple lineup, making it a sensible choice even for running Windows. That
  6. Very happy with my Dell 1011, OSX Snow Leopard (£26 on a DVD everywhere). All works and updates fine, including microphone, multitouch touchpad and camera. Much faster than XP on the same machine for some reason... Only downside is, no Adobe CS as it refuses to instal due to the screen being too small.
  7. True, but the system we live in and indeed the majority of people in the world do as well is not democracy, it is a republic (even though some are constitutional monarchies by name). The difference is that the government does not carry the will of the majority of the people, but the will of the majority of their elected representatives. And it does get around lots of problems that a direct democracy would face. I am not sure how successful would a true city-state-style democracy be as up until now the technology was not advanced enough to provide an opportunity for every single citizen to vot
  8. A misconception shared by many. Fascists are populists. They promise whatever is popular and straightforward to do but hard for the current government because it is particularly immoral or inhumane and therefore always appear to be on the side of the people, that's how the ideology works. Left on the contrary oppose every single sensible decision that is not 100% morally right no matter how practical and therefore accomplish very little. On the other hand, fascists do not have a very good track record of delivering on their promises either.
  9. Some of the drivers I know are good mechanics too. Did you try doing car repairs or maintenance; demand increases in recession as people tend to drive older cars.
  10. I wonder, what percentage of the total housing benefit (or the total benefits) bill goes to East Europeans and how it compares to the tax revenue that they bring?
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOsqBf5hDjI in case someone has missed.
  12. The Soviet Union's collapse had nothing to do with full employment, which was, by the way, only possible up until late 70s (i.e. the end of the industrial era). After which the system started to produce non-jobs in increasing numbers, as the state didn't know what to do about ever increasing workforce. So even the planned economy didn't really have a definite answer to the question about the future of employment constantly popping up on this board. The general idea was that manual labour will be automated while increasing productivity and the workers will end up in a communist state with equ
  13. Just turned 32. Landed in London in 2005, just in time to see the bubble at its worst. Have been working as a graphic/web designer and art director. Contracted for a year, then had two permanent positions, now contracting again; 40-45-50K which is not that much, for London anyway. Should have been great to be in advertising back in 1990s, but now it's a normal office job just like anything else and the pay is average. Pretty much the only way for a recent grad to get into the industry is a long-term unpaid internship. Good designers are relatively OK because there's always some work on the sid
  14. Don't quite get why everyone's so surprised. Surely, in times of a major economic collapse, public disorder and global apocalypse, Landrovers will be the only vehicles capable of negotiating the destroyed public roads.
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