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  1. 200 CVs per vacancy? Nothing unusual for graphic design roles in London over the last 10 years.
  2. looks like all of the art/design occupations have something to do with video games or special effects. Surprised we don't train enough. It is interesting to see that in this document some salary requirements are on top of room and board, effectively cutting off the fraud that's so widespread with IT professionals brought from India via ICT.
  3. Not since 2008 when Tier 2 (that's what used to be called work permit) sponsorship requirement came about. In order to bring someone from outside EU, the employer must obtain the sponsorship license and there's no way in hell that a fast food chain gets one. The position must also be in the shortage occupation list and is subject to resident labour market test. Minimum salary is £40 000. Also, Tier 2 does not lead to settlement anymore. Evil Tories doing what they do best.
  4. You'll be surprised how reliable the modern French cars are (and how badly some of the BMWs and Mercs are put together these days). I'd prefer 10 years old Clio III (if there were any around) over Audi A3 of the same age. It does have a lot do do with the fact that Audis tend to have much higher mileage though. Plus very few people want French cars, so it makes, say, a one-and-a-half year old Laguna a great purchase at slightly over half price if you haggle aggressively.
  5. There is no and there will be no legal and humane way to deport illegal migrants - unless the UN suddenly become a global superstate with every single person fingerprinted, retina-scanned and DNA-sampled. Otherwise there's no way to find out where they came from unless they tell you.
  6. On the other hand, those from A8 and A2 who wanted to come here to claim benefits are already here and claiming, so it might not have any noticeable effect.
  7. Where did Times dig this one out? A8 citizens could always claim benefits, that's part of the reason why there's so many of them here. It was Bulgarians and Romanians who could not. Some of my Polish friends say that wages in Poland are now better and most of those not leaving, mostly single mums with several children, are not doing so because of the free house that they get. On a side note, claiming benefits once within the qualifying period means that one's no more legible to apply for permanent residence.
  8. Yet another proof ow how damaging the housing prices have been for the manufacturing industry. Not sure about buying, but German cities are probably the cheapest to rent flats - my friend pays 300 EUR for a 2-bed in an OK area of Berlin.
  9. £300 a week?! Wow! Makes my privately rented 3-bed house with a garage in SE London look really cheap! Do you live somewhere in Kensington or Wesminster?
  10. Pretty much sums it up for me. One correction though: secular philosophy have consistently given great tools to control citizens' behaviour in form of various ideologies, from ancient Roman concept of virtue to relatively recent idea of nationalism. Thing is, the great experiment of a society without consistent ideological indoctrination of its citizens seems to have failed.
  11. Yes, it was. The minimum salary is 40K+ to stay in the UK for more than 12 months and something laughable about 28 for les than that.
  12. 150K? Absolutely no problem with that, as long as they pay their tax in full. An they will do so for at least 5 years if they want to settle as per current rules. Would have been great if this was the minimum wage for intra-company transfers.
  13. Self employed or company owners can't be on Tier 2 - it is for employed only, and an offshore company will never get a sponsorship license. For entrepreneurs or investors there's a separate category under Tier 1 with much more money required.
  14. Not correct. They should provide P45 to extend their stay or settle. If at any point it's less than 150K gross, off they go. edited: typo.
  15. 1. Special lower corporation tax rate for the companies where 95% or more employees are British. 2. Tax second and every subsequent property, especially if these are empty;
  16. My mistake. This one is great as well.
  17. Yes, absolutely. For the immigration categories that used to lead to settlement (very few of those are still there) benefits were only available after said settlement, which was 4 years prior to April 2007 and 5 years thereafter. As for the majority of visa abusers that I have met im my life (they were all "students" who came here to work rather than study), they all hoped to get settlement via the long residence provision, which currently is 10 years legal residence (i.e. extending student visas) or 14 years illegal (although how they manage to prove that they were here all the time is a mys
  18. You'll be surprised. For everyone except for asylum seekers, EU nationals, and indeed British it works exactly this way: one's only entitled for any sort of benefits after getting an Indefinite Leave to Remain, which takes at least 5 years. A special lower rate of corporation tax for companies with 95% or more British nationals among their employees would solve much more.
  19. It's Dan Carlin, not George. The podcast is called Common Sense and it has been absolutely brilliant all these years that I've been listening to it.
  20. It depends on how mainstream the electric vehicles are. You can't switch off power stations at night when very little of the electricity that they produce is actually required and the rest gets wasted anyway. There's currently no way to accumulate the excess power in the grid during the off-peak hours to use it during the afternoon peak (in the US they use massive tanks and pump water into those overnight and drain it through the turbines during the day thus making some sort of an AC battery - not at all efficient but better than nothing). There's very little environmental impact (other than
  21. Dan Carlin made one of his last shows about fixing the growing wealth gap and possible alternatives to forced redistribution. Might worth a listen. http://www.dancarlin.com/disp.php/csarchive/Show-188---Dodging-the-Guillotine/jobs-economy-rich
  22. If I didn't have to deal with more than one client at a time and if said clients didn't always want a limited company to bill them, I probably wouldn't bother.
  23. Yes, SBS was indeed the way many of the Poles got here before joining the EU. There is no more SBS, but there's a special SAWS scheme in place; only limited to the citizens of Bulgaria and Romania; keywords are agriculture, minimum wage and strictly short-term. One other way was coming over as a "student" and taking employment instead (I know one who's been in London for 9 years, extending his student visa every year); the ultimate goal of that was to get settlement via long residency provision (10 years legal or 14 years illegal). Said guy had to leave after last year's student visa rules ti
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