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  1. The goal posts re public sector pensions will be moved about considerably in the next few years. David Cameron has already hinted that public sector pensions will be replaced by money purchase schemes. Changing the subject slightly...what will happen to the state pension? Already one of the lowest in the EU is this even sustainable in its present form?
  2. HPC is not a serious site. It is mainly for the use of maladjusted malcontents.
  3. Yet another public sector rant...another 20 pages of utter drivel beckons. This forum gives a good impression of being an ideal medium for losers. Why are you so envious and vitriolic towards public sector workers? FFS get a life.
  4. I agree. There have been too many theads attacking the public sector on this forum. By all means attack the government for having a too large public sector, but please don't abuse the people who work in it.
  5. Teachers and public sector workers beware! HPC attack dogs are baring their teeth getting ready to bite!
  6. I absolutely agree! Unrealistic expectations will have to be scaled down drastically...there is no element of choice here. There are not too many people heeding the warnings yet...but reality will kick in eventually.
  7. Now that the recession is deepening quite rapidly all sorts of malcontents are coming out of the woodwork looking for convenient scapegoats. Some of you are taking your eyes off the ball...instead of getting hot under the collar about public sector pensions try to dig a bit deeper into why this financial crisis has come about. There has been mountains of print explaining the corrupt international financial system...no excuses can be offered for chasing the red herring of public sector pensions. Some of you need to try a little harder to embrace the bigger picture.
  8. A few years ago a friend of mine was having a fairly large house built. He expressed to the builder his surprise to see so many Polish workers on the site. The builder told him that British workers are virtually unemployable...their workmanship was deplorable and they were totally unreliable. In fact some of these British workers told him they would rather be on the dole!!
  9. Worth looking at are :- The NewsBlog of this site. Google Business News. A book which explains clearly the origins of the present financial crisis is :- "The Final Crash" by Hugo Bouleau.
  10. I would tend to subscribe to the 'lying' theory. After all, we are habitually lied to by the government and financial institutions,so 'official' surveys are not high up in the truth league.
  11. Dear Prime Minister please restart the next boom as soon as possible...next week would be fine. In the meantime I am keeping my spirits up by whistling my favourite tunes. God bless you.
  12. Dear Prime Minister there are various, as yet untried methods, to steer us out of this severe recession. Select any of the following:- Community singing Whistling Smiling Continual chanting of the words to 'Rule Britannia' . . . The list is endless. Good luck.
  13. Quote..."Am I taking the piss?" More to the point...are you on the piss?
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