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  1. Might be worth 140000 150000 to day but in 3 months 130000 you all so have to consider, if you do come and sell you will have a lower offer on asking price. I am not looking to make money guys just dont want to lose any. I made a estimation of about 60000 for all work to do on property with a builder or a little more sounds a crazy price but its all major work. 9 Handmade windows and 3 doors with new supports in the brick and new central heating, new Electrics,complete over haul of roof with 3 huge windows and dormers to be replaced,damp course,new membrane in all down stairs floor, Dry rot wood worm, all inside need new plaster and out side repointing replacing some rotten bricks,out building,all wood needs to be replaced downstairs,Connection to gas, it goes on... so if I brought for 70000 I would most probly still lose next year...But buy then the house would have fallen down if she can not find another buyer. Oh well live and learn.....
  2. They brought the property in 1978 and since 1978 no work has been done, I found out it needs total overhaul to roof and everything doing to it, it has no guttering so it has taking a bashing over the year or so its been on market, Its well over valued, I withdrew my offer, I would say its worth 70000 80000. I can not believe the estate agent put the property at peak 200000 then 175000 then 150000 125000 then I come along made a offer of 97000 but finding the whole property needs attention. The floor down stairs is concrete all needs digging up with new membrane all windows need replacing but needs supports as the main wall is supported by these rotted windows, all new dormer windows needs replacing new roofs on extension, It just goes on and on with report I had done, I am angry that the estate agent valued this property at crazy prices unbelievable, Then make me feel I have a bargain when i need to spend 50000 to put it right, once property done might be worth 140000 150000. I have learnt from this the market is still majorly over priced and there is no such thing as bargains in houseing market at mo lol..Thanks for all your comments.
  3. Everything will be ok I will give to the 10th of Jan the euro will be stronger to the pound keep strong wait and see..if not ment to be we made some money life is short.......Enjoy

  4. My offer of 97.000 has been accepted at peak property was on at 200.000 so am happy that I have a home and feel great. Not looking to make money on property but my other money I shall think about what to invest into have money as contingency fund. and looking to invest 50,000. thanks for your reply I am certainly going to check out website,
  5. Thank you so much for your advise I have been in touch with a very good survey person. I think main work to house is damp course and new kitchen, new bathroom. But I know I can get everything 2nd hand at a good price, I can do most work my self. it has a very long drive way to side of house enough for 6 cars and a large back garden all the features wood beams etc so I think if one day I came to sell, it ticks all the boxes as a very pretty house. I have a further 50,000 pounds to invest in a property to rent out but wont be buying until bottoms out, so I can have some income. and money for any works to property and my own savings. Do you think I should buy another to rent out any advise on this matter would be great. Thank you
  6. Hi I am looking at a property in Lincolnshire this house is a lovely detached cottage with 3 bedroms it was up for 200,000 then down to 175,000 150,000 125,000 I made a offer of 95,000 pounds.The lady she siad would accept 100,000, I would pay max 97,000 as needs work doing to it, What do you think guys. I am desparate to buy a property as I don,t trust the banks I am a cash buyer do you think I did well to drop her from 125000 to 100000. should i offer 97,000. Thanks for any advise I am not looking to make money on property just I dont want to lose money either.
  7. what are you on about... I cant speak for BXLONDONMAN, as I dont know him at all, I just agree with him and interested in his opinion, but speaking for myself why are you so bothered, for someone feeling a hundred percent sure, why dont you give constructive opinion on why you disagree, rather a sarcastic response.
  8. At some point the euro may fall may be mid 2009 from what I have read. At the moment keeping a open mind. Ready for anything. Trying to keep my savings as safe as can be....
  9. I agree with you, as most of my money is in Euro, I am exchanging to pounds in Mid Jan. early Feb.
  10. NSB BXLONDONMAN has been right so far we will soon see in march............
  11. And a fool closes his eyes and does not listen to what might be coming. We have to look at the ifs..... so Far BXLONDONMAN has been right..... end off.
  12. bxlondonman have you any advise for me regarding knowing the safest bank at the moment in UK..I mean ones that doing ok in bank crisis.. Would you know best way to exchange euros to pounds which is the best company to go through xe.com. As want to exchange end of Jan or end of Feb. Any help be greatfull...cheers
  13. Me too, I have to have a think and take it all in. If this is true. Your friend I wonder, may have known at property peak 2007 and who ever else....NWO just shows you about crazy ideas, I will be sharpening my pick fork.. When people thought you were crazy you still tried to warn people. So far every thing has come true. We are not crazy yiippeee.....I hope ... Thanks BXLONDONMAN
  14. watched the news tonight regarding, interest free crisis loans, they would like to start charging interest for loans. as much as the credit cards interest.. Did I hear right, They must be getting desperate for cash...
  15. http://www.financialsense.com/fsu/editoria.../2008/1106.html
  16. http://www.leap2020.eu/GEAB-N-30-is-availa...this_a2567.html
  17. http://www.leap2020.eu/GEAB-N-30-is-availa...this_a2567.html
  18. Interesting Read.... National governments and international institutions only have three months left to prepare themselves to the next blow, one that could go along severe risks of social chaos. The countries which are not properly equipped to cope with a surge in unemployment and major risks on pensions will be seriously destabilized by this new public awareness.
  19. New tipping-point in March 2009 http://www.leap2020.eu/GEAB-N-30-Contents_...adf698d60b10289
  20. Thank you for advise I agree. I am going to find my self a home and buy a couple of property to rent. Will go back to UK in Jan to open a account. Its hard to say when the time is right to buy but hoping in June...Thanks again...
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