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  1. You have no idea what you are talking about do you ? Everything I have highlighted is just flat out incorrect.
  2. He is as bad as the VI's who ramp our housing market to feather their own nests
  3. No motivated sellers for 50 miles. Sounds about right for Brighton to be fair
  4. How nice to hear politician who knows what he is talking about. You can tell he has a Phd in economics as opposed History (brown)
  5. It depends on your age and your salary, as to the 'value' you get from contracting out. If you are over 45 opting back in is usually best. To be honest though it doesnt matter, as contracting out for defined contribution schemes will be abolished in 2012. So it is not a long term decision anymore. I am still out, but then, I doubt very much the the Sp2 will pay me anything by the time I reach State Pension Age. I am happy to speculate with the protected rights funds in emerging markets / high risk funds, as I have 35 years till I reach SPA.
  6. You will be able to hear the lender laughing them out of the office.
  7. Lets cut to the chase. Can I get a cheap house ?
  8. Hmm WTF Must be some reason for that price (apart from it being in Southwick)
  9. You are aware that prices will come down by a further 98.7% though right ?
  10. It is plainly in the EA best interest to have a low asking price. Having a property on for say 300k and a 1% fee will earn the EA 3k Having a the same property on for 250k will earn them 2.5k Clearly dropping the asking price by 50k means that it is likley to sell quicker. So in economic terms it makes sense for the EA to have alower valuation because 500 quid is hardly worth all the extra time / effort to sell a property at the higher price. Especially when cash flow is as tight as it is for most EAs at present. There was a chapter on this in Freakenomics
  11. This sums up every pension thread on this forum. Some points to add: tax relief is not just in the form of the basic rate relief or the ability to claim back the higher rate on conts, but the fund also grows free of all taxes (except the dividend income is now taxed, thanks Gordon). The benefits of tax relief, the other tax privileges, pound cost averaging, and cumulative interest means that pensions are a great way of saving for retirement. If you die before retirement the entire fund passes to your beneficiary free of any taxes, a decent fund can mitigate any IHT liability. You don't even need to buy an annuity any more at age 75 as you can now extend drawdown past 75 via something called Alternatively Secured Pensions.
  12. Zoopla currently values my property at 30k over what it is currently on the market for. Happy days
  13. They didnt mention it ???? ZOMG Vesting Interests Ponzi Broon illuminati Masonic NWO
  14. This is completely wrong. You can transfer your preserved benefits to any registered pension scheme. You cant lose anything once you have completed two years service. You clearly have not got a clue what you are talking about.
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