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  1. rw42, it is certainly looking good and no Behr bar (or however you sell it) news priced in yet!
  2. I gave up in 2009 after cashing in some oil shares and buying a house on my (now) street that is the lowest priced detached house sale since 2003. That'll do me.
  3. I think you mean Mission Impossible 4. I saw it the other day and thought it was great fun. Edit: Haggis, if you have a cineworld nearby, go on a Tuesday or Thursday - tickets are only £4.50.
  4. Hit £2 again today, c'mon Exxon Mobile buyout.
  5. One of the EA's near where I live is offering 100% mortgages still (no idea what rate at)
  6. Nope, not sold one share. They may not be in discussions now, but they may have been in the past. I still believe they will sell blocks and not the company (something they failed to mention in that RNS). Kurdistan is actually quite a settled area for the east. Sure there are risks, but you don't expect multibaggers with no risk. The US did not just spend trillions of pounds not to get oil, and why the hell would Exxon Mobile risk their $50BILLION investment in the south by securing blocks in Kurdistan????
  7. surpassed it's all time high today on rumours of Exxon Mobile buying them up for £8/ps One of the largest oil finds in recent times and most people don't even know about it.
  8. 100% in GKP with PCI and SOU on my watch list.
  9. Excalibur have never been an ex-partner to GKP. They were to TKI that is a completely different company. GKP have 4 wells. One is up for sale which they have interested parties, 1 has between 8- 13 BILLION barrels of oil. The BB well is currently drilling and is expecting to be even bigger! Also they have over $300 million cash and no debt! With Exxon making a move to the north the Iraqis will either have to dissolve Exxons contract in the south (and that would seriously hurt Iraq) or recognize the oil law, in which case GKP goes north and are a BIG candidate for a takeover.
  10. Molly, probably on par with each other I'd say. There's hardly any distance between them
  11. Swindon is not that bad. I wouldn't want to live in the SN1 area but its generally a good place to live with good routes, shops and bars.
  12. Does anyone think an oil company with over $200million cash (no debt) and 8-10 BILLION barrels of oil in place (on land) (and counting) in one drill section 2 others with proven billion barrel discoveries and potentially one (started drilling recently) with even more, should be valued at a smidgen over £1 billion? If not get researching. (I'll give you a clue.....Shaikan!)
  13. I can't the system won;t let me. Try PM'ing me - it fails too!
  14. sure thing. PM me (for the record I couldn't PM you! ?)
  15. What a useless reply. You know nothing about the house, condition, location or current asking price. Cat, can you post a link or some details?
  16. Are you a troll? 1st post on a housepricecrash website and you are asking for advice on where to buy a house to invest in?
  17. Wig, indeed. Thing is, for that sort of price you could buy a really nice place in a neigbouring village with 4-5 bedrooms and a lot of land for a similar price.
  18. Nice enough house, but they are taking the p***!!!
  19. I spent money on a house 2 years ago too? Was it boredom? No. It was getting an exceptionally good price!
  20. My parent-in-laws have a 6 bedroom detached house with swimming pool and over and acre of land for almost the same price as their budget - in Wiltshire. Nuts buying in London! Why do people do it when they can get so much more for their money. Sure they may work in London, but the extra travel time would be worth it in my opinion.
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