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  1. GKP - 13 billion barrels of oil. M/C - £1.5b
  2. Kirstys negotiation skills make me laugh. She couldn't negotiate her way out of a paper bag.
  3. At least rates won't be changing for 3 years. Good for me as I turned from Bull to Neutral in December 2009 when I bought a house after waiting 4 years for something to happen :-|
  4. I don't get it either. I see lots of new builds in the north wiltshire area where there are 4 and 5 bed houses with literally not enough room in the garden to swing a cat. It's ludicrous!
  5. Why ouch? I picked up some more in the 130s for GKP - sweeeet!
  6. Still positive. I caved in after being on here since 2004 and bought again in December 2009 - best decision for me. Interest on the mortgage is far lower than what the rent would be. I still don't think we're at the low point of the slow adjustment (not crash)
  7. Well, it's dragging on this court case. Only another 1-2 months left before a decision is made. The stock price has slipped in recent months, but a route to market for the oil is looking good. Seems we may be pumping upto 40K a day of oil to Turkey by July. Roll on.
  8. Ok you start with 10K and end up with 15K. That 5K profit is tax free as you are not over the £10,000 tax threshhold on gains (the 10K may now be a touch higher - you'd have to check).
  9. In regards to GKP, no there are no reserves yet, but OIP figures keep increasing. Some suggest that some of the zones will be linked and if that is true this will be one massive find. I wonder if that's why reserves are not yet released (and because they want the Excalibur court case out of the way first). My prediction is GKP will be trading at over £6 a share come 2013, if they get taken out, anything north of £10 would be cheap.
  10. I topped up at 154.5 only 1100 shares. Was then away on training all last week and was monitoring from my phone. Nice to see it rise up. £1.40 was definitely under weight. Looks like the Excalibur court case is going GKP's way, they have to reveal their financial backers in the next 2 weeks. Could it be an oil firm or a hedge fund who have been trading the s**t out of them? Looking forward to the reveal!
  11. bulltradept, That is a possibility, but this is one of the biggest finds in the last 30 years. Can you really see an oil major not trying to acquire it? What if GKP prove up more oil, any oil major may have to pay a lot LOT more. Of course GKP may decide to try and go it alone, they will need to raise funds for this, but imaging the market cap if they do. They are currently valued at around £1.5billion. I could see it being 30 times that!
  12. Who knows. They have so much oil, I doubt they will be left to go it alone. Maybe they are waiting to see if the zones are all interconnected as one "sea of oil" - if it is, it's going to be one of the biggest finds ever.
  13. When it dipped to 183p I actually put a buy order in for 177p incase they took it further, it didn't and wasn't filled. I was pretty sure that rumour of a placement was BS, and the company confirmed it. I think we will start to get some good news flow in the next week onwards. I think SH5/6 should be completed by now. So news not far off and it was good to see the company mentioned several "BIDDERS" for AB
  14. I blame the 2001 interest rate cuts after 9/11 That was the most idiotic thing to have happened, both here and state side.
  15. LOL I bought some BPC on Friday and sold it for a quick 5% profit on Friday too. Was kicking myself this morning when I saw it hit 9p Well done
  16. House next to me sold beginning of this year, was on for 4 weeks and sold. I checked the sold price and it was less than 3% off of the asking price. It also completed in about 4 weeks. Almost as quick as my 2-3 week completion.
  17. Yes nice RNS. Stock price was way over sold. One of the brokers has a 526p target which is nice. Nice 10% rise today about time. Everyone was saying how BOR was going to be todays sweetheart, that didn't turn out too well!
  18. bulltrader, yes still holding, did sell some out at 240 but only 5% of my holding. Company have gone very quiet recently, we have a lot of updates to come and I think they will get them out in quick succession.
  19. A lot of the downward movement has been from the manipulation caused. "HSBC saying 280p target due to risk" - no risk to the other oilers in Kurdistan though, eh? "Exxon are out of Kurdistan" - followed by Exxon confirming they are committed to both South and North "CNN interview of Todd saying no short term takeover, announced by Seymour Pierce" - turns out that CNN interview was from 2009!!!! How bad is that!!! Then we have an amazing RNS confirming that there is a new reservoir and hinting all the blocks could be connected - one huge sea of oil! Edit: I topped up below 250p, rude not to.
  20. Yes. I put an offer in on my home and completed in 3 weeks, and that's with a trip to Africa inbetween.
  21. It was above the price I paid 27 months ago, so chuffed with that, but yes wasn't mentally priced.
  22. My next door neighbour put his place up for sale 8 weeks ago. It went sold 4 weeks later and now it's completed as he's gone. Few others sold too on the street, so it looks quite buoyant where I am (Swindon)
  23. £4.31 now NOHPC, waiting for full buy out of the company. This little beauty helped me buy my current home first time round
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