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  1. For balance, I see a lot of 3 and 4 bedrooms being put on at ridiculously high prices and they don't seem to be shifting, 2 bedrooms that are high do seem to still be selling, but it looks to be slowing.
  2. Lots of new builds in and around Swindon - that is more likely the explanation.
  3. Depends on the area you are interested in. Villages around Malmesbury are nice. There are nice areas around Salisbury too. Also depends on what you consider nice? (country side, pubs, walks)
  4. Indeed, that place was MASSIVELY overpriced when they were developed and sold around 2003 - 2007. Even had a mate end up in around 50K negative equity (he has overpaid and is now out of it)
  5. It has built in floor to ceiling double wardrobes!! As for pointless en-suite? I can have a shower in the en-suite whilst anyone else can have a bath. Hardly pointless. Slavebox? Isn't that what long term renters live in?
  6. That's what doors and extractor fans are for. Hardly a shoe box. I've seen a lot smaller.
  7. Bargain indeed. Not sure what the bog roll comment is all about though.
  8. Count - here's another one from my postcode. Same street. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34987533.html As mentioned - over 40% up in 5.5 years. If you take the asking price - over 50%, but of course it won't sell for that.
  9. The count - I don't need to protest anything. My house is 50% paid for and will be mortgage free within 8 years. Whether it goes up or down is no odds to me, As for wage inflation argument, I had 6% pay rise last year and expecting 5% this year.
  10. Address: 27 Pennine Way, Swindon, SN25 4FY Type: Detached Tenure: Freehold New build: No Estimated value: £215,250 Links: Price map (Swindon) Registered sales: Date Price Nominal change Real change 27 Sep 2007 £225,000 95.7% 54.0% 01 Feb 1999 £114,995 19.2% 16.1% 13 Oct 1997 £96,500 * n/a n/a
  11. Comparing against the peak it may well be static - I am comparing against what I paid as that is what matters to me. Compare it against 2002 and prices are up. Compare against 2009, prices up. The house I should sold is STC (not under offer)
  12. Will do - this sold in 3 weeks. Most properties in this area (especially detached) were selling like hot cakes.
  13. Count: Pennine Way, Swindon, SN25 4FY Detached, Freehold, Not New Build Thinking of selling? Get a free valuation. £169,000 History 23-Dec-2009 Map (SN25 4FY) Same type of house around the corner http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-49961915.html?premiumA=true
  14. Is this site only for Bears? I answered the question of the topic "Are the shires crashing" - from my view of what I am seeing no, or at least, not in the part of Wiltshire I live in. Why are you so shirty at my post?
  15. I joined in 2004, I like to keep an eye on things. Do I think prices are too high currently? Yes But I am just giving my view on 'The Shires" and what I am seeing. I can show you my purchase price on nethouseprices and similar properties on rightmove sold (most sold within 4 weeks), if you are really that interested
  16. Pull the other one? I bought the cheapest house on the street since 2004, I am seeing identical built houses with less drive space selling at 40% more than what I paid.
  17. WiltSHIRE is doing ok. My house I bought in 2010 is up 41% in 5 years, thats not just asking price - that is what similar properties are selling for on my street. Nuts.
  18. In Swindon, there seems to have been a big rise in asking and selling prices for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties. Flats are relatively flat in comparison. Property I bought in 2010 is now valued over 40% higher now.
  19. And now they have become an oil producer (from an exploration company) - sweet!!!
  20. Now sat at £1.83 with Excalibur having to stump up a few more million having lost the court case (hahahaha) FTSE entry soon.
  21. Sold mine for a profit and reinvested elsewhere. cheers government
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