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  1. What you mean is, turn into a CHAV!!
  2. Only if you can't look past that sort of thing, and to get a good place for a bargain, you need to.
  3. My ideal place, I'd put an offer in 30% lower than asking and explain my reasoning (or I might not explain)
  4. Exactly!!!!! Not many people open their eyes and realise that the economy was recovering in 96 before New Labour were even in power.
  5. Maybe the government know houses have peaked, will let them crash, many homes will be sold cheaply with people losing their massive house gains, then the future FTB's will get on the ladder, and then feed the governments extortionate stamp duty and the cycle will start again.....
  6. Not where I work it didn't. In fact most of our development work is being shifted to Low cost areas such as Asia.
  7. No chance I will get that in December! 2-3% max if I'm lucky
  8. Well one of my mates who has a home was told he wasn't allowed some sort of benefit (I'm positive it was dole money) because he had 30K in the bank. He asked if he went out and blew it all on a BMW, if he would then be entitled and they said yes!
  9. Donnie, and yet if these people with these debts get made redundant, they will get dole money, whilst you, who has been wise to save your money, would be told to live off your savings! WHAT A CRAZY WORLD!!!!
  10. What I can't understand is them saying that rates may likely fall again. If this is the case, surely this will influence more people to get into debt via loans, mortgages etc - is this really a good thing? It certainly isn't for us not on the property ladder who are trying to save money.
  11. Cheers Bob...Is there any online site for this? Would you hedge bets on 20K's worth?
  12. I've got 6K in an ISA and 20K in a high interest savings account (roughly 4.7% per year). Would it be worth me putting 20K in to PBs? Are all the banks PBs part of the same pot?
  13. 29 here, 30 soon though I got on the propery ladder in 2000, a nice 2 bed end terrace with a nice garden Sold it in 2001 and bought a showhome with my then girlfriend. Unfortunately that house didn't go up in price hardly at all (only about 10K) whilst my 2 bed would've gone up 60K from what I paid. Had to seel the new house when we split.
  14. Recession on the cards by any chance if this consumer slowdown continues or worsens?
  15. Seems to be both. I used to live in Swindon and dropped my house price by 10K before it shifted. Rural areas are heavily priced from what I've seen. 2 and 3 bedroomed houses on the outskirts of towns are well overpriced!
  16. I live in the Wiltshire area and have seen a lot of properties either not shifting or dropping their prices, especially in the last 6 months.
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