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  1. interesting to see everyone's different perspectives on this. I think house prices are absurd, even though me and the missus sold last year and bought a bigger house - with a bigger mortgage (a real run-down place inside that has now had walls knocked out and been replastered/decorated etc). We are lucky that we have around 50% equity but I do worry about my lad, that's why I have an ISA running for him so he has some savings to get himself a kickstart when he is older. No doubt the wife and I will downsize when he is older and gift him some money for his own place.
  2. Very true, however if I had rented from 2005 until today I would have paid out way over 100K on rent alone. That to me is dead money!
  3. Just wondering how many members here eventually gave in and bought a home. I was one, having been here since 2004 on and off. I eventually gave in (after selling my house in 2005) and bought in 2010. I see things slowing down currently in my neck of the woods (south west), with lots of reduced properties, though the really good ones are selling without reductions. No regrets about buying again in 2010 and upsizing last year.
  4. Well in the shire I live in, I managed to sell my house of 6.5 years for a tidy 59% profit 4 weeks ago. That said, there are a LOT of over priced (kite flying) properties just sitting around and gradually being reduced. The good ones are selling within a week. For the record, we kite flied too.
  5. Here's a question. How many parents are thinking about their children's future? I often hear mates saying "Well I was never given a helping hand" - yeah but there are going to be double digit billions of people in the world for your kids to compete with. The time to start helping your kids is when they are born by building them up savings or assets to inherit.
  6. Things have definitely slowed, but there is still movement. My house sale completes in the next few days, so buyers needing or wanting to buy are getting on with things.
  7. I wonder when banks will cut rates for mortgages/savings ?
  8. http://www.itv.com/news/2016-01-26/carney-warns-brexit-could-lead-to-interest-rate-rise/
  9. Well my sale is still going through. So people are still buying.
  10. did you know, the UK is one of the least racist countries in the world. Fact.
  11. Ditto. No call yet. In fact I just had an update saying Contracts are with my purchases solicitor.
  12. Venger, yes trading up from 3 bed detached to a 5 bed detached (with bigger garden but loads of work internally to do), £80K difference between the 2.
  13. Venger, prices are mad. Saying that I am about to buy, but then my last house has gone up 59% in 6.5 years.
  14. I bought RBS shares twice today (for trading - done well on them). I suspect we will see a recovery within a month.
  15. ME! Sold my house in 1 day (admittedly before Brexit) and buying a place that needs work. From a 3 bed detached to a 5 bed detached.
  16. Where is "down here" ? Where I am everything is pretty much selling apart from people really taking the p***
  17. where did you get that info from? 93K - surely a mistake.
  18. so you think a 9 bedroom house with 51 acres in the UK for £1m is overpriced? LOLOLOLOL
  19. That's my point. Less properties available to rent may push up prices As for Venger quoting old posts of mine such as my home being worth 50% more than I paid for it - what is that all about?
  20. Landlords selling up will only server to tighten the supply of rentals, driving up the price.
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