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  1. I'm a home owner and I think house prices are going to be decimated.

    Personally I am guessing at a 40%+ fall.


    If I was in your position, I'd personally hold off, you will be in such a strong position in a few more months/year or so Let this whole C-19 blow over a bit first. Especially as you don't seem 100% happy with the purchase



  2. does PropertyLog get its information from each view?

    If so, set-up a macro to move through pages automaticall and setup a very wide search criteria and let it run, that way you will get a mass of properties logged.


    I have a powerful PC at home that runs 24x7, I can set this running if you wish?

  3. Maffo, the 4 (and to a lesser extent) 3 bedders are coming down. A 4 bedroom house in a decent area are coming in at around £315K now. Some can be had in a slightly lesser desirable place for £285K

    Obviously this time of the year there is more competition too.

  4. Well the local newspaper has been spouting on about how house prices will rise in Swindon.

    Now, I like to keep a track of any houses that I find "interesting" - not for a potential purchase, but because I like to see how fast they sell. My views is that numerous houses are being reduced in the last year or so. One near me came on over a year ago at 675, it since has been reduced 3 times and now down to 600K it has sold (probably for less).

    With so much building going on (and lack of infrastructure, including hospital, doctor surgeries and schools), prices aren't going anywhere north in my opinion.

    (for the record I am a homeowner)

  5. 2 minutes ago, TJHooker said:

    Lets hope he works as hard as your houses do. As obviously in 30 years time or so they'll have made you millions.

    You know i've got nearly enough to buy a house outright in southern England (a shyt one i grant you that), every penny of it made through manual labour but if i buy in the next couple of years i will be celebrating a crash.

    As for my kid she's 8 and all i want is for her to be happy, i could not give a flying fck if she is a hard worker, as hard work gets people fkn nowhere in this country. When she's old enough i'll go to Saudi for a couple of years buy a most of a house outright so she doesn't have to be a hardworker.

    Good for you.

    I have no aspirations for my house to be worth millions. In fact, for all I care it can halve in value.

    My point has been by  re-igniting this thread, that some of those who commented on me buying in 2009 were wrong and they haven't the balls to admit it.


  6. 3 minutes ago, TJHooker said:

    You sound like a savvy investor, lets hope it keeps on rising in price as with all them rooms your kids will not need to ever move out.Not that they'll be able to afford to!

    My lad is 3, he has 7K saved up. He will get a lump some from me and his Mum when he is older and we downsize - he won't know this until the time comes and will be expected to be hard working. If he isn't hardworking he won't get anything else from us until he shapes up.


  7. 7 minutes ago, TJHooker said:

    Which is unfortunate for you as if i read correctly you've bought a more expensive house, if we'd had a crash the amount needed to upgrade would have been far less and would have had more of that 50k to play with.

    That may be so, but 70K to upgrade from a 3 bed detached to a much bigger  6 bed. Trust me, if this house had been on the market for a similar price to what we paid (not what is was advertised for) it would've been snapped up.

    p.s. it's likely worth around £110k more now in less than 20 months as I've renovated it.


  8. 6 minutes ago, TheGreatestFool said:

    Hindsight is being mixed up with foresight in some of the posts on here methinks. If you asked an enlightened stock trader in Jan 2000 whether he wishes he'd bought loads of internet stock two years previously, and whether he thinks it's a good idea to buy internet stocks in Jan 2000, you'd probably get two very different answers.

    Very true, but there are a lot of crystal ball/tea leaf readers here who thought that buying back in 2009 was a bad decision.

    They were wrong.

  9. 1 minute ago, crashmonitor said:

    Well if I am reading this right the current 6 bed property cost circa 339k (169k +100k+ 70k), doesn't sound a lot for Wiltshire. 2009 was close to the bottom of the Market for sure.

    Almost spot on crashmonitor. We got it at a good price for it's size (its not a pretty house to look at).

  10. 9 minutes ago, ccc said:

    Are you breeding like a rabbit !! :o:D

    Sounds like you've not done bad anyway. And these are homes to live in so nice one.

    Thanks CCC, haha no. Just 1 son and no more to come (I don't believe we should be allowed more than 2 kids - but I won't go into that).

    We will likely downsize when he is older to gift him some money.

    The house is a dormer bungalow so the footprint was big before the previous owners put the dormer extension in the roof.

    Live in Wiltshire, just outside Swindon.


  11. Well I do commute 45 miles to work to get a bigger salary.

    CCC, I bought a 6 bedroom house for 70K more than I sold our last house (3 bedroom) and had 50K extra in savings to put down on that. Bigger garden, more parking, more rooms, quiet locations, less neighbours but a lot of work to update.


  12. On 02/12/2009 at 11:56, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    Well, you havent timed that too well.

    It's another mini-peak.

    Caused by

    a) people think they are getting a bargain ( but have missed the low point )

    B) people thinking house prices are going to shoot up ( well they aint )

    c) people terrified they will miss the boat ( some boats aint worth getting on, e.g. the titanic )

    Good luck though. A house should be a home not an investment.

    Turns out I timed that at the best possible time in the last 10 years. Sold 20 months ago for £100K more than I bought it.

    So you were wrong TheCount!

  13. My wife fell in love with a VERY dated (but very large) dormer bungalow 2 years ago.

    It had been on previously for over 400K then for 390K and dropped to 375K.

    I put in an offer for 300K stating that every room needed gutting (17 rooms including the hall - a lot of work).

    I didn't expect to get it at that price, but to be fair to the Estate Agent, they put the offer to the seller.

    We got it for 340K in the end, a bit more than I had hoped to be honest.


    Previously in 2009 we viewed several houses and offered on a few of those for 169K on mainly houses that were on for 180K. One of the EA's said to me "good luck getting a 3 bed detached for that price" - we did eventually - suck it!




  14. On 9/27/2017 at 7:56 AM, VeryMeanReversion said:

    I bought in 2010 from a desperate seller at ~25% below equivalent properties at the time. I think this was the best time to buy in the last 15 years. (See pic below)

    My target had been £200/sqft.  The only way to do it turned out to buy something in bad condition, do it up then extend.  It came with a derelict barn that can be converted into a new dwelling (or two) for the kids by playing the planning game. 

    So  I never saw this as "giving up",  just going the long-way round to meet the target. Seven more years to clear the <2% mortgage.


    Ditto. I bought in 2010 too (well tail end of 2009) and it was the cheapest property to sell since 2002/3. It was run down, we did it up sold it for 100K profit and have bought a huge rundown converted bungalow which we are in the midst of doing up - it's an upheaval but worth it to get the space and price you want!


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