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  1. good news indeed, however, next we need to see it converted back into a house as it should be.
  2. lol, very true. i think the thing to do is hang back and record the evidence. Proove that they are as i would say, evil. And then act on it. For example, its petty hard to remember all this crap when a politicain knocks on your door canvassing, and you do tend to forget. For example, if you were in a good mood and you bumped into the guy that abused you at the roundabout and you had him at a social disadvantage, then you might be inclined to forgive him. Its hard to remember. Thats why you need to record it and then action it, regardlesss of how you feel. So in this example you might simply
  3. dont worry, the world is full of lonely men sat at home with limp dicks whilsts tarts spend their unearned fortunes on their little doggie woggies lavishing them with hugs, cuddles and love. Just wish they would put the videos on the internet. woof woof!!!. nothing wrong with that, i discriminate how i like, and so can they.
  4. as you do. violent bunch those EA's gang of 6 of them followed me down the road the other day, tried to steal my deposit!!!! Fortunatly Gordon Brown saves me by paying for a dry stone wall to be erected between us, my hero!!!
  5. i would never touch a non white girl. in amsterdam its 50 euros, that was £35 when the exchange rate was goo, nearly £50 now. To get it for £35 is what i consider to be reasonable. I dont like paying more as its not actually worth it. Girls have an over estimation of their worth, nor do they realise that their wishy washy attitudes actually cause alot of pain. men need company but they withhold it in general society. Obviously they dont have any obligations, but if you think of it like food, they would easily let a man starve to death than try to do something about it. In england you could
  6. I tried explaining about this to some dude and he just looked at me as though to to say that that was how it was now. I dont think he understood, but the fact that this doesn't outrage people makes me really angry!!! gggrrrrr also, i mentioned that I thought average salery was £20k and he said, noooo more like £18k. So you can see how out of kilter his perception of it all was.
  7. i hope they are. they need customer feed back. must be great doing a job where you know everyone hates you. evil servants of an evil govt
  8. buy up some RLD kamers and preserve your nations history in full working order
  9. you can assassinate an MP you can blow up Gordon Brown You can start a one man riot you can go on a knife weilding rampage you can commit suicide you can smash your head into a hard object until you feel better you can start a petition you can imagine its not true you can pray its not true you can go into denial you can drive a car bomb into the dohnut you can declare your home seperate from the United Kingdom and draw up your own constution Theres lots you can do, your just not trying. if more took action and murdered their MP's there would be fewer MP's MP's are evil
  10. i think the reason it collapsed was because he had not divided the front room into enough bedsits. If he had had more bedsits there there would have been more supporting walls.
  11. i have total confidence in modern plastic planes. in fact i brougt a A380 last time i was at Schipal. Apparently they shouldn't fly too close to the sun.
  12. why would anyone want the services of a 30 year old woman? eeeewwww!! doesn't she have any children? shes desperate right? lol
  13. more evil from our evil govt. i wish i was made of semtex, id blow them all to hell.
  14. i think you'll find they're surviving quite well. rentals although small will give them the cash they need to tick over and the lower volume of massivly inflated house prices sold will do it. They dont need to make much. What wont be happening is major capital expenditure. Plus they will loose the chaff, the silly people that opened doors, they will do it themselves. i think alot of estate agents own their premises, especially the long established ones so their overheads are low. Of course, there will be some that are suffering.
  15. ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i hate that!! just give them money. give them money on the way up and give them money on the way down brilliant. fecking fantastic. by the way, do remember to give me nothing at all!!!
  16. he could buy some laboratory equipment and stuff and teach himself about dna and such and start up a small company selling genes and dna converters and such.
  17. occasionally i send out spam advertising my services and in responce i get thousands of auto replies and such. One read, 'hi, out out of the office on sick leave and then i'll be on maternity leave, please call reception'. i just thought, so, your on sick leave and then you are on maternity leave.... makes sense. obviously i hate that as i dont get paid to overpopulate the planet, but its a good way to leave, get sick, then have a baby, THEN leave!!!
  18. Poor old Mr Brown, the former Prime Minister wants to be a teacher, lol. i wonder if he'll get a grabt for the teacher training? and if he passes, which i doubt as i believe they are trained to reject idiots, he'll only end up with a 30 minute a week slot paying thruppence hapeny. lol
  19. idiot ive read CV's. theres no such thing as 'the same cv'. They are all different. if your brain is not capable of delving into the cv via the information presented then you CANT DO YOUR JOB. seriously. there are soooo many clues. the guy 2-3 posts up hits it on the head, and you are the problem.
  20. parking is the big problem i think. i wont pay to park so i can spend money, thats ridiculous. im hoping that the high streets will see the return of small cafes and pubs. They should be places where people can go to socialise above all else, and whilst they are there buy some stuff. thing is, the whole set up is geared up to exclude small business from doing that. cheap beer, cheap drinks, cheap food, places to sit down and relax without feeling like your on a timer. Commercial rents will have to come right down to being virtually free. Business rates will have to be scrapped. Its the only
  21. I think we can all assume that they are doing just that and a whole lot more. What about the field exercises they were doing during 7/7? I think they have earmarked all subversives and have the internet totally sussed out. are you going to imagine that a government that plans for a russian lunar landing has not contemplated the security issues associated with the internet? the govt is EVIL, always has been, always will be. geuss that gives me a complete clean bill of health at the govt dohnut evil secret evil evil center. Cant have people like me ever having a life.
  22. lol hilarious they should make a film about it!!!!! I can just imagine him making his doomed escape attempt and jumping of the wall and the secret message could be a cliff hanger as the bank employee is both looking at the fax and surfing pawn, will he notice the secret message?
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