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  1. Self proclaimed 'genius property millionaires' Andy Shaw and Greg Ballard now bankrupt: G.J. Ballard. Bankrupt 14/12/2009 Brighton County Court 002483 A.M. Shaw. Bankrupt 21/12/2009 Brighton County Court 0002621 So which BTL genius is next?....
  2. Even bonehead 'wealth coach' (who has clients who have lost thousands), has admitted this pair are twerps. Shame it took her so long, nothing to do with raking in loads in commissions then? Unbelievably she's still encouraging people to send money to the 'new company' that's run by the same people from the same offices http://www.themoneygym.com/blog/2009/11/passive-investments-liquidation-money-gym-statement/ A fool and their money.... Wonder if they can time their bankruptcy for the same week as the Wilsons, now that would trigger a crash....
  3. Passive investments goes pop, Greg and Andy fancy bankruptcy Not before time too... http://laddersofsuccess.typepad.com/wipi/2009/11/passive-investments-greg-ballard-andy-shaw-latest.html http://www.singingpig.co.uk/forums/8/843553/ShowThread.aspx
  4. you might like this one... http://www.singingpig.co.uk/forums/thread/619435.aspx
  5. why are they writing it off, bankrupt the B****** and claim his assets, 14mill house for starters... this is getting ridiculous
  6. Now they've been taken over by Lloyds, people who own HBOS shares get Lloyds shares instead.
  7. Lots missing from the Telegraph's running count, Northern Rock and MFI are missing for starters, any others? I did email them but they haven't bothered to update http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/finance...job-losses.html (PS Sorry to new to start new topic on this)
  8. yep a fair few of these.. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=73241
  9. I vote for this delusion bloke going under in the next 18 months - "[prices] haven’t budged noticeably or actually in most instances even at all" http://www.andyshaw.com/?p=50
  10. CGT is payable on the difference between purchase price and sale price, paying off the mortgage or withdrawing more equity doesn't affect your liability for CGT one bit. If you buy for 100k and sell for 120k you've 20k of capital gains, having a high mortgage or none at all is irrelevant for CGT purposes.
  11. This is where lots of BTL'ers are committing tax fraud: increasing BTL mortgages through MEW, but declaring all of the interest including MEW on their tax returns so it's offset against income. If you live off MEW, or spend it on cars, TV's etc then you cannot offset that interest against income on your self assessment return. There are loads of BTL'ers doing this, this is where HMRC should investigate, perhaps starting with twonk Andy Shaw - who's been known to recommed this
  12. “Property Doubles” Figure STILL Holding erm that's because they were over inflated - no mention of increase after inflation - the only time they have doubled in ten years after inflation is in the last couple of years - anyone who takes from this 'wealth coach' needs their head testing http://www.themoneygym.com/blog/2008/12/pr...figure-holding/
  13. Be pretty funny if someone bought it then exercised their legal right to buy the freehold - giving this shyster exactly what they deserve.
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