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  1. Will someone please massage Chris c-t's ego please I'll start. , Chris you're THE man
  2. Fair enough , of course when a claim is coming from a VI there has to be an element of a slight massaging of figures , what return would you think would be a worthwhile return for the outlay? I don't think the subsidy is coming from the pot of cancer patients or winter fuel and it comes from the added 'green tax' to everyone's fuel bills as covered in todays papers , I don't think they could levy this 'tax' on fuel and direct it to said cancer patients etc .you could of course say this money , should it not be levied would maybe end up to these important people via charitable contributions due to having extra pennies but that is , another argument again
  3. At least its a positive investment that gives people employment , trading on the stock market may return a similar or even greater return but for what gain on society?
  4. Thanks for the info , yeah you're right , I think I got a bit mixed up with my prefered system of a 7-8 kw system which is what I was initially looking for but I don't think I have the roof space (approx 50 square metres) so started looking at a more realistic system of 4 kw Investment wise I see it as a great deal albeit I was somewhat skeptical that the figures are optimistic and it may take twice as long to recoup than I had worked out Thanks again for the greater insight though Have you got further details on the yearly regression ? This could be a sticky wicket given the panels 'lose' 1% of their ability each year also
  5. I was going to start a topic on this to make people aware that may not be already If you install solar in our country now the government will PAY YOU 40p per unit for every unit you produce .......even though you are using the units youself(you can sell the units you don't use for 3p a unit also) This money is guarenteed for 25 years and rises with inflation (maybe not true inflation but the inflation they state) Now bearing in mind it costs around 11-12p per unit at the moment plus the 40p you get paid it makes it a fantastic investment (pay back by end of year 6 and a circa 15% return on investment per year) This, is obviously only any use to someone who owns their own property with the intent of at least staying in it for 5 years plus As far as I'm aware , it doesn't need to be fixed to your roof and could be on your shed , in your garden etc (yes I believe people have abused this somewhat renting farmers fields and filling them with panels so it may well be capped) Hope this info is useful to someone or at least brings awareness to people , personally , I want a 3-4kw system on my property which I estimate will cost around 20k but will return around 3k a year income as well as 'free' electric worth around 800 quid a year The panels work at optimum with a south facing roof/area , Note to add I don't work for anyone associated with this scheme , ie solar firms / government etc nor do I know anyone who does - dunno why I write this , just feeling paranoid I guess Haha too many years smoking the green
  6. I always 'race' bikes away from traffic lights knowing full well ill get hammered , its more for my enjoyment when the biker bites than the crazy illusion I might have a chance of winning
  7. Yeah you're right , without it the place would quickly turn into a living hell . I guess what I meant is , considering it would be a circa 50k mortgage to buy it......then another 50 quid a week on top for said service charges , I would rather spend around 80k - 100k to buy a house given that the mortgage (if required anyway) would ultimately get paid down and off whereas the service charge would always be there and would only go in one direction It's not a great deal different to a 50% shared ownership
  8. Why would anyone buy one of these with the prospect of an additional 50 quid a week service charge to pay on top which , let's face it , isnt going to get cheaper . As mentioned above I'm not sure if I would have it if they were giving it away for free
  9. I long for the day all jobs are off shored and we can all live a life of riley on benefits , I see no reason how this couldn't work
  10. So are you not just talking about a congestion charge? Enter this ring (oh er) and give us 8 quid
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