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  1. + 1 And it's not only in Western Ireland. Plots don't cost much more than that across Europe too, including France and Germany - unless you are very near a big city, of course, and by that I mean a short commute away, say less than 30min.
  2. + 1. The "million empty homes" is a NIMBY's propaganda myth. Data here: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=192707&view=findpost&p=909378714
  3. We haven't been building for many years, or even decades. Compare us with Germany below. http://shrinkthatfootprint.com/how-big-is-a-house
  4. I think GTI was talking about a serviced plot, with utilities, by a road, etc., and on a decent residential location?
  5. That is a myth, "1 million empty homes". Actually: "According to DCLG there were 737,491 vacant properties in Oct 2010. But many of these are not long term vacant. In fact, only 300,526 of these properties had been vacant for more than 6 months." And in the South? "34,422 in London, 34,279 in the South East (25, 597 in the East of England)." Would that be around ... 2% of all properties in these 3 Southern areas? Source: http://spatial-economics.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/empty-homes-and-housing-crisis.html .
  6. It is a very good article. I started a thread for it http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=192707 + 1. Let's hope so.
  7. I do hope so. + 1 Excellent news! I know its circulation is low, but it's reasonably respected, read in some "influential circles", and every little helps.
  8. Ireland? Spain? USA? Without a planning blockage a HPI triggers a construction boom, and in a few years the extra supply undermines house prices.
  9. Good article on the Evening Standard: "Why do we tolerate daylight robbery in housing?" http://www.standard.co.uk/comment/comment/amol-rajan-why-do-we-tolerate-daylight-robbery-in-housing-8774033.html
  10. Sure, I know, the previous arguments were also against HTB, I didn't mean otherwise, just that this "lack of bricks" thing is a new one, at least for me, and a curious one. And the lack of skilled labour.
  11. I agree, it is pathetic, the whole mess. Shameful. Ridiculous. Disgusting. Revolting.
  12. I agree that the sheeple's opinions are irrelevant for TPTB, but between the sheeple proper and the top elites there are a few millions of thinking people who do have some / various degrees of influence. It's not just sheeple and TPTB. For instance, take Faisal Islam, I don't think he is "controlled by TPTB". And there are many journalists and academics who do think independently and do speak up. And we do have a reasonably diverse media, like from the Mirror to the Mail, publishing different opinions. And even amongst the economic elites there are many diverging groups and even conflicting interests. The problem with our house prices is that a vast majority of the people, and media, is in favour of high house prices, as they own houses. It's not just TPTB.
  13. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/08/16/uk-britain-housing-idUKBRE97F0FI20130816?utm_source=buffer&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=bufferab272&utm_medium=twitter
  14. About HTB, yes, I had similar thoughts, that this time the government took it too far, and a lot of people (the majority?) started to see the reality, a distorted market. But I'm not sure it's a majority, or that "the tide is turning". I do hope so, of course, but I'm not sure we are not wishful thinking here.
  15. It's always better to start from data, and think afterwards. Source: http://shrinkthatfootprint.com/how-big-is-a-house
  16. + 1 And here is the consequence of our planning blockage: Source: http://shrinkthatfootprint.com/how-big-is-a-house
  17. He tweeted this last month: _______________________________________________________________________________ Faisal Islam ‏@faisalislam 2 Jul @BarberLionel shameless populism attached: actually serious point re: UK property dysfunction starting in Westminster pic.twitter.com/zQuJ291LNS https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BOL6YHvCIAIbbEo.jpg:large
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