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  1. The retired boomers don't care about the original local community. These villages are turning into posh retirement communities, and that suits them just fine. They then join the CPRE and National Trust, and lobby the country. They even manage to convince the left wing media with pseudo "green" arguments.
  2. I'm sorry but he is deluded. Here in the SE towns and cities aren't allowed to grow either.
  3. See below a recent tweet from the worst NIMBY lobby group, the CPRE - Campaign to Protect Rural England, campaigning for a Guardian poll re. "green" belt: ____________________________________________ CPRE ‏@CPRE 4m Should green belt land be used to meet housing need? Have your say in this poll via @guardian http://www.theguardian.com/housing-network/poll/2013/aug/30/green-belt-land-housing-poll?CMP=twt_gu ___________________________________________ I think we should vote too, and campaign as well. The new generations need houses as well! .
  4. I agree 100% that we have a very serious distributional problem, both generational and geographical, with young southerners suffering the most. And I also agree that if we taxed properties properly, say 1%/year, with no ceiling (unlike our regressive and caped Council Tax), or, even better a LVT, we would solve most of this distributional problem. But I think the political barriers against this are even stronger than against planning liberalisation. But we also have a shortage. See below. We should copy Germany.
  5. Grazing land is dirty cheap, some £10k to £15k/acre, and from that very cheap base the whole business becomes very cost effective. That is the exact opposite to what happens to humans, and from our very expensive base... well, see my sig. and all that...
  6. +1 I remember reading in the Telegraph some years ago that around 40% of British households' expenses are set in foreign currencies, mainly Dollars and Euro (energy, food, etc.). .
  7. "Household wealth"? I see, so thanks to inflation my fridge is today 10% "wealthier" than 3 years ago.
  8. + 1 (Yes, of course I was talking about having cows grazing within the M25.)
  9. Unbelievable, isn't it? Also incredible is how he completely ignores the problem of over-restricted planning and the consequent high cost of building land.
  10. He was also the Deputy Prime Minister for 13 years, and IIRC the ... "Communities and Local Government"? or something like that, responsible for housing and planning.
  11. And the author forgot about the cows, I've seen many grazing near London - inside the M25.
  12. They have also published a new table of global house prices: http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21584361-america-surges-much-europe-sinks-mixed-messages
  13. http://www.economist.com/blogs/blighty/2013/08/planning-policy
  14. John Prescott: The housing boom and bust needs to be ditched Mirror: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/john-prescott-housing-boom-bust-2242244
  15. To be fair to the OP the tittle of Eric's thread doesn't make clear it refers to Faisal Islam's article, nor mentions The Observer. I think that's why we had 3 or 4 other threads popping up. .
  16. I read up-thread that the author has just turned 30. Very few Londoners or even southerners around this age have already bought down here. And many property owners, in all age cohorts, have MEWed constantly, to buy a car, or to "consolidate" credit cards, etc. Many approaching retirement plan to sell a city house and downsize or move to a cheaper location, freeing up the capital. Many older owners like to have this capital in case they need expensive care. Many heirs of these older owners also like the size of their future inheritance. The sad fact is, the vast majority of voters like high property prices. That is the deepest root of all this mess.
  17. Wow, the UK manages to fiddle even that?! Geeez. I had noticed before that a similar fiddle happens with the debt/GDP ratio. There is quite a discrepancy between the "methodology" used by the UK and by the EU, over 10% if I recall correctly, or around 80% and 90% respectively. .
  18. Modern political parties do have researches about these things, and if these researches show that the party would lose more older voters than gain younger ones, they will not go for it.
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