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  1. Sorry, here, VRM's post 12 there: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=192993&view=findpost&p=909386351 Then in post 14 he goes into more detail (the 2nd link in my previous post).
  2. Well, in another thread VRM has told us this case: http://www.theguardian.com/housing-network/poll/2013/aug/30/green-belt-land-housing-poll http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=192993&view=findpost&p=909386397
  3. Very interesting indeed. Now let's find out if this "National Audit Office" has any integrity at all. Brilliant thread DB.
  4. Why they don't allow "a 3-bed house outside the village envelope to become a 4-bed" ?? What is their alleged reason behind that rule??
  5. + 1 ! I watched episode 2 last night (on PVR, couldn't bother with iPlayer for episode 1). Very basic stuff, very small extensions, on tiny plots. BBC's very patronising tone, like BBC's worst, like in "The One Show" or "BBC News at Six". On the other hand, those two couples seemed happy with their lot, somehow! Sad. Though they are happy! I'm (actually) confused now. They could have so much more, for much less money, but they don't know it, so... they are happy! Ignorance is bliss, eh? .
  6. Weird. Poll result has been stuck on exactly 50/50 for... too long. Have they cancelled it? Because we were campaigning for it, and in a few hours the results switched from 55/45 against building to 55/45 in favour of it?? But the CPRE was campaigning before us, and the Guardian didn't bother with it. ____________________________________ Should green belt land be used for housing? 50% Yes 50% No
  7. I was going to reply to him with your argument 2. But I had forgotten about the argument 3. This may be our worst problem: house sizes, and quality. Most other developed countries have much better houses than ours. We are not comparing apples with apples. I wish we had data comparing average price per square meter.
  8. Poll's update: _____________________________________________ Should green belt land be used for housing? 50% Yes 50% No Poll closes in 2 days
  9. Poll's update: _____________________________________________ Should green belt land be used for housing? 51% Yes 49% No Poll closes in 2 days
  10. 4 recent tweets by Faisal Islam ‏@faisalislam 2h ago I asked Damelin if wonga knew how many customers were on benefits, and he said they typically were not 1h Next retweet of @ChrisLeslieMP is out of intrigue rather than endorsement, re Wonga: opposition calling UK economy a "wonga recovery" 1h This #wongarecovery thing strikes me as difficult territory for Labour, given proximate cause of wonga use is v high housing costs for young 56m Based on my conversations with wonga execs ... Their understanding of their customers is young working people squeezed (I assume by rents)..
  11. + 1 True, and it's our planning system's fault. Only big developers get access to building land.
  12. It is the other way round. It is OUR system that it is abnormal. See my old post below. Why? Here only huge builders can overcome our planning restrictions. Reduce these, and the big companies can't compete with small local builders and self builders.
  13. True. Tragic how so many lefties and greens fell / still fall for it. The photo on that Guardian article is typical, with a "pretty, delicate flower soon to be 'concreted over' "... Even ignoring the fact that gardens would have much more bio-diversity than pastures.
  14. BBC new program: Plan It, Build It. Broadcasts: BBC One - Daily at 11:45 Repeat on BBC Two - Daily at 07:50 10 daily episodes, hence 2 weeks, started yesterday, Monday morning. Already on iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b039sg4d (I haven't watched yet, I'll watch later.)
  15. Yesterday, just before I started this thread, IIRC the poll was around 45% Yes, and 55% No. Then soon after it reverted, to 55% Yes, and 45% No. Perhaps it was a consequence of this Forum readers voting? Well, if so, it was short lived. The "Yes" surge lost power, and have been falling for a while, sadly. (See below the current results.) It appears that the older NIMBY owners are indeed more organised and vocal than the younger renting tenants. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Should green belt land be used for housing? 51% Yes 49% No Poll closes in 2 days
  16. Another excellent comment under that Guardian article, pasted below: _________________________________________________ blackeyeddog 02 September 2013 8:11pm My wife and I live in exile because housing in the U.K. is too expensive on our small pensions.Our house in Sweden cost one tenth of what it would be in the U.K. and our running costs are less than council tax alone would be. When one is outside looking in the U.K. looks like an insane asylum. _________________________________________________ Link: http://www.theguardian.com/housing-network/poll/2013/aug/30/green-belt-land-housing-poll?CMP=twt_gu
  17. I fully agree that a wiser tax system would help. But liberating planning can also help, and has other advantages. In countries without our planning restrictions the price bubble caused a construction boom, and in a few years the extra supply, millions of new homes, brought prices back down, like in the USA, Spain, Ireland. Germany also has a very efficient and liberal planning policy, and consequently their houses are not only cheaper, but much better and bigger than ours. Just allow the market to work properly, and build as much as needed, until prices come down, to near building costs (£1k/m2 plus a serviced plot). I have a question for you though. Many here, me included, agree with the tax argument. But why are you so opposed to new builds? Besides more houses = homes, they would even generate more (local) jobs. Why are you against it? What is the negative side of new houses = homes? .
  18. There are easy solutions, technically, the problem is political. Why in most other countries most properties are self build? Because there are serviced plots for sale. Self builders can easily out bid the big developers for these plots. Here though, the local authorities don't want to bother with demarcation and servicing of plots, preferring to allow "the market" to buy and develop a huge area, many hectares, including building all roads. Obviously only the big building companies can do that.
  19. It was not your fault at all. My attempt at a joke was really badly written. And that was my 3rd or 4th version! I think I should accept my limitations, and go back to being a regular nerd.
  20. Cornwall is a typical case, right? But they have vast amounts of empty space around all their villages, towns and cities. That county has a very low population density. So why don't they allow new builds?? Just let the market build as much as needed! And prices will eventually fall, like they did in Spain for instance, another tourist area. Allow plenty of high density near the villages centres, and then plenty of suburb-like developments around them, and then even small holdings further out. Let people build! There is PLENTY OF SPACE, FGS!
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