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  1. Thank you for your wise advice. We will not have children in this flat. Either in a better rented house, or in our own house. And you are absolutely right that one should only have children if already happy. Cheers
  2. << Just get on with your life and quit whinging >> LOL. Ok then... Thanks for your reply shakerbaby. I kind of agree with you. T'was a bad morning. I'm much more positive now. And these replies did help. << as good things come to those who wait >> Yep. I know. But I think we will balance a bit more the waiting with the living the present. I think we should rent a little house for a couple of years, in a better location, then buy. <<there really is more to life than houses>> I know, but this flat is damaging our social life, self-image, etc. Cheers,
  3. Thank you very much for your good reply durhamborn, We will wait, and buy in 2010 (or 2011?). I know we will be ok, eventually. I just felt a bit down today, but this "great site" did help, a lot. You included. Cheers,
  4. I do pray Gordon Brown won't have the balls to call an early election for the spring of 2009. The polls are tight, and they could just win. Then we would think very seriously about emigrating, as Labour would bankrupt Britain for a few generations. But if Labour waits longer, then the recession will bite hard, the government will be exposed, and they will lose by a landslide. Hapinessssss, hapinesssss! Cheers,
  5. Thanks for your reply dellboy. Usually I am more positive. (It was a bad morning, and i needed to moan a little.) And I did get a good motivation shot from this forum! Thank you all! We do have to remind ourselves that it WILL get much better. And you are absolutely right - timing IS everything. Moreover, if we consider how little disposable income we have left after taxes, rent, living expenses, etc, then we realised how important timing/house-price is. We must get it as right as possible!
  6. Thank you. A very good and uplifting reply. I know you/we will get there. I just needed to moan a bit. I'm much better now. Thanks mainly to all (well, most) of you in this forum. Cheers
  7. "MSE"? Sorry, I'm new in this Forum. What is MSE? "you will be in a nice AFFORDABLE house thinking the same thing" Thanks middleway.
  8. We thought about that. But we'd have to save a little more. I think we'd need at least 6 months for that. And there are just 2 or 3 properties for auction per month around here (20 miles radius, in West Sussex). I don't know why. Rich area? And won't auctions get much cheaper in 2010-11? I think we are leaning towards renting a better place, and buy in 2 years. Perhaps in an auction then.
  9. "Good advice on this thread." - I agree. We are earning more now, and may save almost £1,000 per month. "Get plenty of exercise, its good for the mind." I know. You are right. I've managed to do some last year, and felt much better. Must get back into it. Cheers,
  10. With so much savings you have some good options. Strangely, a business that is re-starting is house renovation, again. Now both buying (in auctions) and selling prices are much lower than in 2007, of course, but there is profit in it again, apparently.
  11. Yes, most people said that. I am glad. I would love to do that, but I think we were feeling that the "right", "responsible" thing to do would be to stay here, to save more for a deposit. But we are not robots. We need a little house, with a little garden, in a better neighbourhood. We need to feel a little better.
  12. LOL, Thanks Postigol, and congratulations! Yes, we did put our lives on hold for far too long. We will rent a better place around here, and buy in 2 or 3 years. Cheers,
  13. A good reply. Thanks. I think we should do that. The only other option could be to save a bit more, and in 6-10 months try an auction. But somehow there are very few auctions around here, West Sussex, Chichester-Arundel area.
  14. We thought about it. But it took us 5 years to start to get paid reasonably well. I think we will rent a better place for a couple of years,and wait for prices to bottom, then buy. ( BUT, if Gordon Brown calls an early election this spring 2009, and wins, then we will emigrate permanently, as Britain will be bankrupted for a few generations. )
  15. "most tedious, mind wasting thing". Exactly! "2010-11 at the earliest". I agree. But I think 70% from peak is too low. I think 40%, IMHO. I think we should rent a better place, enjoy life a little, and wait for 2 years to buy. Thank you for replying
  16. Thank you for your reply. We want a dog too (we thought about a Goldendoodle - a crossbred between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle). But our landlord doesn't allow us... Another reason to want to move. And most landlords don't allow pets. Another reason for prefering to buy. But we will have to wait... Re. mood, the best mood enhancer is exercise. I must start exercising again. It worked very well last year.
  17. Thanks. I know we will be OK. It's just that it's been so annoying to wait for decent housing. And usually I am more positive. It may be a bad day, due to a flu (or a cold, according to wife). It looks like rents may be going down around here. We'll probably wait a couple of months, and see if we can find a nice little house, with a garden, for about £100 more in rent, and wait a couple of years to buy, but in much better housing meanwhile.
  18. My wife and I are really very tired of waiting, for years, for this crazy housing market to get back down to sensible levels, living in this small, ugly, expensive privately rented flat, and we may be getting depressed. The housing market has been always ahead of us. We got married in 2000, but it took us a few years to have any money. Since 2005 I knew it was a bubble, and decided to wait. Now it is bursting, but slowly, and it will take at least another 2 years to really get close to the bottom. And here in West Sussex it is just starting to burst, with most sellers still in denial, resisting, and it may take even longer! Our main problem is: we have been married for 8 years now, we are still living in this depressing flat. We couldn't even feel like starting a family in such depressing surroundings. Meanwhile, as we have been also paying a lot of taxes, we have managed to save just a small deposit (some £8,000). And the government is using our tax money to bailout banks, home-owners, and the "housing market" (trying to slow down the correction)! We are getting really depressed, and I am afraid that we may be getting clinically depressed. We thought about renting a better place, to wait a couple of years to buy, but living in better surroundings. But my rational side tells me we should save for a better deposit. I don't know what to do. We are so tired.
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