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  1. nothing at all because it's money that they already had (I.e they just moved it from the shoebox containg Mr Smith's money to the shoebox containing The Nationwide's money). tim
  2. He has got zero chance of getting rent controls through in a PMB. He will be talked out if he tries, to the detriment of every other bill behind him in the list. If he wants to suceed he has to propose less controversion changes tim edit I see that he isn't actually on the list so he needs to find someone who is to take his idea above the 100s of others they will be flooded with - good luck with that!
  3. What's the system on Oz got to do with the price of milk in the UK. And I have to say that I find the idea that a government act which is (presumably) for the benefit of tenants which dictates that "inspections" have to be held only at times convenient to landlords and on a notice period only convenient to landlords is pretty repugnant. tim
  4. IME the majority of car boot sellers are professional traders (in the eyes of the law, probably not their own), and hence liable to tax on the profits of sale tim
  5. I'm quite happy to buy a house at "today's" price. Unfortunately, round my way there aren't any, they're all at 2007 prices tim
  6. do you really think that this is anything other than a very niche activity? tim
  7. Wrt to English Language, it faied me as well.[1] But I can get it right (and I also can't get a job). tim [1] I was crap at it, but unlike people who were crap at say, maths, who got the sympathy of the teacher for their weakness, I just got to sit at the back of the class and hope that I got better by osmosis.
  8. with this: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-16916466.html available for 300K, I don't think that the cars in the front garden had anything at all to do with him having to reduce his price tim
  9. We do. The law is "you follow the rules and you can charge whatever interest rate that you like" (and no that's not a joke). (having said that, not all of them follow the rules) tim
  10. Cameron has as much chance getting an EU re-negotiation as he has of winning the Olympic 100 metres tim
  11. I think you are all misunderstanding the law here. From direct.gov: "Renting a property: If you are interested in renting a property, the landlord must make an EPC available to you free of charge" It doesn't say "it must be supplied" only available (by inference if you ask for it). So if you haven't asked (and unless I've misunderstood, the posters above haven't), how do you know that it isn't available tim
  12. you should have been given the opportunity to go to court to argue your side. This all seems too quick. ISTM that the mortgage company did not tell the court that there was a third party (the tenant) involved and they just got a posession on the nod, without a hearing. You need to complain to the court about this. I've already told you the best route to this - a vist to your local CAB (unless you feel that you can DIY!) tim
  13. I think that you need a trip to the CAB AIUI, the mortgage company is obliged to tell you the date of the court hearing so that you can go and plead your case to the judge. If they didn't do that (or rather, if you can prove that they didn't do that) they are stuffed. But you have to sort it before the baliffs are at the door tim
  14. Did they refuse to supply one when asked, or did they just not supply it unsolicited. I suspect that the latter is 99.9% normal tim
  15. Um, and just how is HK proposing to increase land supply? Are they going to go to the supermarket and buy some more?
  16. if you have a 30-40% deposit they are. But that doesn't help the FTBs (not that I think FTBs should be helped in this way) tim
  17. 1) It wasn't an EU state when it was coccupied 2) When Cyprus was offered the opportunity to join the EU it was suggested that the country should unify first with the Turks giving up any claim. It was the South that voted aginst this [1], the North voted for. [1] because they thought that all of the aid that the EU would be sending them would go to the North and not come to them!
  18. Yes they did. Ther risks were not obvious. It took an appeal all way to the European court to discover than they didn't have good title. On that basis I suggest that they will have great difficulty showing that the bank "knowingly" colluded in this. tim
  19. Yes you are! Courts have rulled that the rent on the term of the contract is a debt, so, unless you are paying the full term up front, in law the LL is lending you the rest and you are paying it back in instalments tim
  20. I don't understand your concern It says full vacant possession, and if you don't get that you're entitled to sue for it. As to the long term ramifications. Property doesn't have a criminal record that follows it around like people do. Just because someone has been living in it illegally wont affect any future use by AN Other. Though the fact that someone has been living in it illegally suggest that they thought that they wouldn’t get PP for change of use. Given the location and size it looks like it could be worth at least twice as much as residential. tim
  21. just checking - not everyone does tim
  22. Give her her due, she's the only guest who continually managed to get her point in before Portillo. I've never seen anyone else manage that tim,
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