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  1. Lefties spending other people's money again "Campaigners yesterday called for a drive to build more affordable housing" And just what is the process that makes houses affordable? (answer left as an exercise for the reader) tim
  2. Another incorrect conspiracy theory! Builders have always land-banked, so at any one time they have enough land to build on for the next 5 (or so) years. The problem now is that have land that they bought at bubble prices, that they can't build on to sell at bubble prices. They are not "adding" to their land bank at today's lower prices, and sitting on it waiting for prices to risk so that they can make a killing, because they don't have the money tim
  3. Firstly, I suspect that you will have to pay for this service, not at the point of collection, but at the point of order. Of course this charge may not be any more than you currently pay for home deliver, but these deliver costs will be lower so some of it will go to the shop. And secondly, shops which sign up for this will expect that at least some of the punters who collect parcels will stick around in the shop and buy other goods. tim
  4. I agree. ISTM that there are two issues here. 1) the selling of a foreign currency loan. 2) the selling of a "holiday rental" investment that doesn't perform. Whilst someone might just possibly argue that (1) is a complex product where there should be some protection from misseling to the unwary. (2) is something that you really should be expected to reasearch on you own. And here, it's only because (2) has failed that (1) becomes a problem. If the apartments were performing as advertiseed ISTM that the increase in the costs of the loan would be immaterial to then overall venture. tim
  5. But genuine or not, the risk that you might jump into your Italian registered car and drive back there, is still there tim
  6. Barcelona, possibly. But Beijing, Sydney and Athens all thought that holiding the games would showcase to the rest of the world what the city had to offer and increase future tourism. It didn't tim
  7. And just what level do these "do-gooders" think that they can set the rent level at, that will work? 1% of house value, 2, 3% perhaps. Well Mister Do-gooder if you do that no investor in their right mind will enter the market on that return. So 5, 6% perhaps. Oh look that's the level of rents in most parts of the country for non-HMO/student lets already. The very rents that you think are too high. Oh I know. Why not restrict the price that someone can charge for their new house to a maximum figure in order to bring rents down. That'll be a vote winner timmmy
  8. He isn't talking about that. He's talking about people who have to leave a job because a long term "complaint" stops them from doing that job, who then think that they don't have to try and find any (lesser) job. To me this is no different from someone promoted into "management" who finds that they can't "cut it" in management, thinking that they now don't have to go back to working as the office menial, and that the state should support them until a management job that isn't too hard for them to do, comes along. tim
  9. But he isn't saying that because he thinks it's fundamentally a good thing. He's saying that because very very soon the supply of Government Bonds for them to buy back is going to run out, so he's getting his "solution in first" tim
  10. DIY Damien Hirst style art: http://www.tesco.com/groceries/Product/Details/?id=254869994 tim
  11. 20 years (or so) ago Barclaycard introduced a fee to own a card. I sent mine back with a letter says that, with so many other cards on offer for free I had no desire to pay a fee to own one (I was fully expecting that they would send it back, waving the fee as I had heard they did with others, but they didn't - obviously I wasn’t a good enough customer AKA, I didn't pay them any of their extortionate interest) two years later the fee had gone. tim
  12. Except that getting the pain over with now leads to being chucked out at the next election. Trying to keep the status quo for as long as possible give you a slim chance of winning tim
  13. IMHO the negative Olympic event is only going to occur when the athletes village is redeveloped and the developers find that there aren't many professionals prepared to pay 300K for a poky flat in a block surrounded by doleys. tim
  14. As it is the choice of the vendor to use this method (because it saves then from some up front costs), I can't see that the vendor requires any protection. I would hope that the buyer can walk away if something that ought to have been in the legal pack (but isn't because there isn't one), is not as they would like tim
  15. In Government speak, Affordable Housing is housing which has been subsidised by the mugs paying full price for the house next door. (and no, I am not joking) tim
  16. Of course it can manage a Greek exit. The problem with a Greek exit is in stopping the Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, Italians... following them
  17. even that is expensive for a 2-up 2-down in Stoke tim
  18. That must be where this little gem is located http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-37493009.html (boggles)
  19. Yes you can. You can borrow "up to" 30K, if you can refurb it for less then you will have bought it for less. And you're right that the council couldn't afford to do this themselves. The costs of the LA managing a professional refurb are going to be much greater than an OO DIYing! tim
  20. Not in any way that is materially different to someone not pushing their normal "income" through a PSC. If if were advantageous to buy a house inside a "normal company" wrapper then the cost of forming/running that company, if you don't already have one, is trivial and something that anyone could afford to do. Oh and it's "affected" tim
  21. I looked that these whilst stopped over in Brum last week they were 1.19 each where can you get than at three for a pound? tim
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