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  1. But what does he "need" do? If the charges are unfair (a premis from the question), there is already a law that allows leasholders to challenge the charges and have them removed. And the story from this program shows that this legislation works. So why doe Shapps need to change it? Though I do accept that some greater advertsing of tenants rights wouldn't go amiss, but this is hardly something that HMG should be spending money on TV ads, is it?
  2. But what do you propose people do here? If you live in a shared property there has to be a system to make sure that the maintenance gets done (and is paid for). This doesn't happen from the good-will of the leaseholders, I assure you. There IS a system to hold property managers to account, so what more can be done? There are always going to be people who try and make their lives a bit easier by ignoring the correct way to do things, or sometimes, in the case of owner managed blocks, out of ignorance, so complaining that there is an enforcement system is just silly And no, no matter how many times you claim it, I am not a freeholder. But I've have lived in blocks where things don't get fixed because other leaseholders refuse to stump up their share of the costs of the work, even when the work is properly costed and reasonably necssary, this can sometimes be worse than being overcharged for the work (on a "fix in time ..." basis). You don't like the system don't buy a flat - simples. You don't understand the system - tough luck you should have checked first. tim
  3. So the story is: Freeholder sends out a bill for work that isn't nescessary and that has cost too much Leaseholders challenge the bill at an LVT and get it reduced (by 100s of thousands) Freeholder loses money System working as intended. What's the issue here? tim
  4. Nope (and I do accept that people with the LA as a LL have a problem because they are excempt from the rules about being "voted out") tim
  5. You can't blame a 42% drop on the two weeks of the Olympics. All you can say is that it didn't make things any better than they might have been
  6. Expect to get a few tales of people who got "ripped off" by their freeholder because they couldn't be bothered to use the legal systems available to them to get redress (Yes I will post again if it's any different) tim
  7. and then how do you stop the owner immediately putting it for sale at the "real value" tim
  8. Except that the "land owener" will have acquired it with that condition, at a price/vaule that reflected that condition Taking the conditions away just gives him a windfall proft based upon nothing more than "getting lucky" tim
  9. Except that in the current market there's the risk that you wont sell at all. Having work is little use to anyone if they don't get paid for it tim
  10. It'll give you rights to sue the LL for two things instead of one It won't give you any rights over the lender
  11. Royal Mail still do. Parcelfarce don't because um, they aren't part of Royal Mail any more tim
  12. and not one mention of then price! Kit house are already available. All costs considered, they usually cost more than getting in a builder to build from scratch. tim
  13. Because it's the one that generates the largest profits for builders/landowners They don't want to build on brownfield sites because it costs significantly more to clear the site and they generally can't build "large" houses with gardens that return maximum profits there. and they don't want to build in "out of the way" locations because they can't attach an (undeserved) "premium" to the price because they are commutabe to a job supply. tim
  14. That is not my experience. When I book, the price quoted by internet resellers has always been significantely below the "book direct" price on a hotel's own web site. Whether I could haggle that price down is anothere matter, because I don't haggle. tim
  15. what's more minimalist than a travelodge? (2 out of the last 4 that I stayed at didn't even provide soap) tim
  16. Do you really think that the planning reforms that were rejected would have led to an increase in the building of 2 bed FTB style house. ISTM that all that would have happended in an increase in million pound house built in the middle of fields. tim
  17. You seem to have missed the "because it will cost more to convert room X into an office than we thought" This is not a valid reason for down-valuing a house. It is an extra cost that you pay because you want something that a house doesn't normally have. You can't expect the seller to contribute. It is like saying "we now want to pay less for your house because we've just found out we can't afford to furnish it from Heals at the original price" tim
  18. Of course it needs more house being a councillor in a district with a population of 200K means far more kudos (and party opportunities) than being a councillor in a district with a population of 100K tim
  19. Yeah, but try getting their headiline £29 pn offers. Even looking 6 months ahead (and for the slackest day of the week) they are non-existant. At least TL's offers are real. tim
  20. Does that mean that by the time you move in the lounge/diner will have "dissappeared"
  21. ISTM that a local EA "Ward and Co" started this method of pricing and it caught on with the others. BICBW Like you I still haven't worked out why someone might offer the higher price as I have yet to see a "lower" price that is competitive. There are lots of bits of Ashford that you don't want to buy in. Not because you will be mugged in the street, but because you will have difficulty selling on. OTOH there are some areas where prices are silly given then ordinaryness of the town. tim
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