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  1. Are you really seeing places where the furnishing is good enough to be worth insuring? When I looked in N Wales last year I only saw one place that was 'nice' (an OO going abroad for a year) - which I didn't get. Everywhere else was a dump that I wasn't very impressed with. Finding nice accomodation in that locality was really difficult IME (and most unexpected). There were a couple of unfurnished flats that were OK. Sorry to be such a downer tim
  2. I think the point is that unchecked "legal" information is handed out by letting agents. Any info that you get from a selling agent will be checked by your solicitor tim
  3. And he achieved this by squashing as many rooms into the house as possible. He should have turned the ground floor into a nice 2 bed, instead he made it into a three bed by dividing the main bedroom. He called them "all doubles" but they were tiny, about 7 ft by 10ft. And on the upper floor he should have extended into the loft with a big master/en-suite for a nice three bed. Instead he made the loft space into two of his tiny doubles and a toilet squashed into a corner, with the main floor having three tiny rooms (as on the ground) for a total of 5 bedrooms. He thought that this was going to get him more rent. Bon't buy it myself. tim
  4. Apparently, had she had the infected soil removed, which is the normal method, it would have been 600 tonnes of soil. So yes, it was badly infected. (they cleared it using a new technique of "cleaning" the soil in situ and putting it back) tim
  5. How is a program where the only cost is that of the presenter and camerman, a waste of license payers money? The half hour slot has to be filled with something tim
  6. Do you have a property in mind? Short lease property is very hard to find. Unsurprisingly, the current owners tend to take up their right to extend as otherwise the property is unsellable to anyone except a cash buyer. tim
  7. And it isn't simply targetting tourism that's (likley to be) wrong. Dubai has been targeting high end tourism, with half the hotel rooms in the city in the Super luxury class at up to 1000 dollars a night. It is common for rooms to include "personal butler to attend to your every need". Given that Dubai is just too far from the USA to attract merkins, just how many people are there in Europe who want that level of service when on holiday? tim
  8. The last "bottom" lasted 5 years (93-98). I personally can't see this one turning back up in 2 or 3 weeks. It'll be at least 2013 before houses start to rise again IMHO. tim
  9. Tesco Value Bacon (the same stuff as normal bacon but cut roughly) has just increased in prce from 99p to 1.49 a pack. But right next to it I can buy "normal" bacon at 2.99, Buy one, get one free. Why would I now buy the value stuff? tim
  10. I agree. I looked at this auction and thought that most of the properties were overpriced. There were a few that were fair, but they were all "Sold Prior". Yet of the others, most seemed to sell and many at a 15-20% premium over the guide. I was surprised by this. There must be a reason for it, after all if you want to get a good price for your property, putting it in an auction a week before Christmas doesn't seems like the best way to achieve this. I can only think that it is, as The Last Bear said, there are some people who think that auction prices achieved now will be as low as they go. This does not mean that private treaty sales prices will stop falling as IME it is rare to find a house new to the market that isn't still priced "to sell" at the 2007 price tim
  11. As the previous poster said, there's no "hope value" to the renter. Renters aren't prepared to pay a 50% premium "for the view" because it's actually worth nothing to them. Buyers are prepared to pay this premium because they hope that it will increase in value when they sell. (though some of the owners at Gun Wharf Quay seem to think that they can buck this rule)
  12. Your view of history is different to mine. Rents were *traditionally* twice the cost of an I/O mortgage, that's why FTB's wanted to climb onto the owning ladder and why, at 12% yields, BTL became popular. Rents have only been less than the cost of the mortgage for about the last 5 years and I for one don't call that a "traditional" length of time. tim
  13. Is there an easy way to get a list of Repo-ed properties around the country? I've recently missed out on a couple of decent deals by not being quick enough and wanted to know how I could get in earlier. I've been looking at auction listings in the past two weeks, but the ones that get this far have done so for a reason, all the decent stuff is "sold prior" and pulled. My lack of any geographical requirement (anywhere within 1 and a half hours train ride of London will do) makes registering with EAs impractical ad my price range (anything from 20 to 200K) makes using RightMove unwieldy. Are there any more targeted methods? tim
  14. I was watching the "live" results on the internet as I had an interest in a couple of properties. I can assure you there were (and still are) a fair number marked as "withdrawn" long before it was their turn to have been bid on. Though you are right that not may were otherwise unsold. Quite a few (including the ones that I was looking at) went for a large amount over guide. I'm hoping that this won't continue :-( tim
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