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  1. As long as you handed back the keys, or otherwise indicated that you had given up the tenancy by the s21 date, you owe the LL nothing more. Of course, if you move out without telling him, it *would* be a criminal offence for him to enter to find out if you had left, so you can't expect him to do this tim
  2. If that prog on Plimico Plumbers was anything to go by, some still are tim
  3. Deposit protection. Firming up of HMO regs. And the register of LLs that the Tories scrapped as soon as they got in. tim
  4. can you fill in the missing words so that this makes sense - please tim
  5. but they tend to be somewhat less mobile when they have criminal convictions. tim
  6. Efficiency is irrelevent. It's how long they last that's importanrt. For a bulb on a stick 100 feet in the air, with modern H&S, the cost of sending a man out to replace it when it fails swamps all of the other costs of running it. tim
  7. I don't understand how falling inflation can boost growth. Falling inflation means that prices are going UP (by less than before), not that they are going down tim
  8. Sorry - why should the contract include costs for hotels etc? Quoting for such work includes all expenses and ISTM that hirers have two choices. Recruit locals who live at home each night and get paid a "local" salary, or recruit people from further away, who will accept a lower salary, but need living/travel expenses. For such a short job it seems absolutely ludicrous to base you costings on the latter
  9. I think you misunderstood the "we will lose 50 million" quote. Though I agree with you otherwise. I calculated that they were charging 25K per person. WTF! tim
  10. I suspect that there is probably the same number of "no chain" as normal (people dying, moving into care etc.), but that there are so few other sales that they stand out more. I'm certainly not seeing a move out of BTL (except in executive new build flats built next to sink estates that no-one will rent)
  11. You're lucky. Round my way they all use the stupid "price range" option. They start off with an unrealstic but reasonable range, say 180-200. And when they find out that they don't get any interest they move to a more reasonable price but with an unrealistic range of 150-200, Translation - we still want 200 but want to encourage people to look at the lower price just in case any of them are stupid enough to be persuaded upwards tim
  12. so it's a rant about high prices rather than a problem that you need a solution to tim
  13. Marlow - a world away from the centre of its postcode region tim
  14. Sorry, you live in a place that is worth 160-180K (factoring up the rent). have 100K in savings and claim that can't afford to buy? Something in your story ain't right here tim
  15. which is exactly what it is intended to do. But the point is an unemployed person cannot just choose it, they have to get offered a job first tim
  16. I don't have a problem with people who work 4 hours every day (Chris Evans) getting a million from the Beeb. It's the two hour a week-ers (Lineker) doing so that's wrong. tim
  17. ITYM "what sells, sells at near unrealistic asking prices". Most of what is coming on doesn't sell because only a few will pay the unrealistic price. tim
  18. Cheaper than the first, possibly. cheaper than the second - no chance tim
  19. Anglia increased by more than the rest of the county in the 80s when they electrified he lines into Liverpool Street tim
  20. This is not my experience. Round my way probate sales just sit there waiting until the greedy execs get offered top dollar tim
  21. I meant whilst the punter is temporarily unemployed. And in any case very few delinquent mortgages ever see the balance paid off if the house is sold below the owed amount
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