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  1. From Property Tribes: The Judge has ruled: There cannot be a Judicial Review into Section 24. We are now heading outside to interview Steve Bolton and Cherie Blair, Q.C. to get their reactions and find out what happens now.
  2. Infighting... http://www.pdpla.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=146:property-118-petition-against-the-budget-changes&Itemid=285 Gentle Landlord says: Read about me on my member profile 31/07/2015 at 16:59 Reply to the comment left by “Mark Alexander” at “31/07/2015 – 16:31“: Mark, I am in fact offended by their response. It seems as if they are patronising our petition and seem to nullify our views by branding us as incompetent and amateur.
  3. If she has enough time to write to the local paper about cheese and onion pasties, then I am sure she can find the time for this. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/incoming/you-saysouth-wales-echo-letters-6061939
  4. If you are only getting 0.5% on a huge pile of cash then you must be either: 1) lazy, or 2) terrible at managing your own personal finances Neither option bodes well for entering amateur landlordism.
  5. Or wait and buy it for half-price post HPC and the yield will be 8.4%
  6. I think you would struggle to fill one wall with them, let alone build a house.
  7. http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-31156579 "... The first straw houses in the UK to be offered on the open market are on sale. Though straw walls might be most readily linked to a story of pigs making questionable construction choices, the team behind these homes says the material could help to sustainably meet housing demand. The homes are the result of an engineering research project led by the University of Bath"
  8. I have no idea about the cost of work, but no.50 which I think is basically the same sold for 380k in July 2013 so I would question why the 80k discount.
  9. 2013 sale states "A family home requiring complete modernisation throughout", which appears to have been done for the resale so the figures and statement are somewhat misleading. http://www.humphreyandbrand.co.uk/property/bankside-drive-thames-ditton-2/
  10. Maybe a result of all the desperate russians looking for a safe haven. Maybe -0.25% with Swiss Francs is preferable to +17% with Roubles.
  11. As per title... fairly awkward for Cameron but surely great news for UKIP http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-30224637
  12. Around 4,500 currently listed on Rightmove over 2,000,000 (not taking into account duplicate listings with different agents)
  13. Paid 8.7 Million USD according to this... http://www.forbes.com/2006/04/17/0417_football_homes.html So I guess around 5 million quid.
  14. But storing it elsewhere wouldn't stop the courier sending round the boys with the pick axe handles, it would only make it harder to get rid of them.
  15. Yes in general a cheap quartz will be more accurate than an expensive mechanical watch. Without googling for more precise figures I think a quartz watch will lose in a year what a mechanical watch will lose in a month. Having said that a certified chronometer should within +4/-6 seconds daily, so no more than a minute lost or gained each fortnight. As it is so easy to correct that I think there really isn’t a functional loss for timekeeping. The bigger loss is that the power reserve of an auto is generally around 60-70 hours (although up to around 10 days is possible). That means if I take my watch off on Friday, then sometimes it has stopped running by Monday and I need to reset the time and perhaps the date. It is a real pain the a55, but I am somehow drawn to mechanical watches so put up with it. It must be a man thing though, as nearly all high end women’s watches are quartz.
  16. Tag Heuer have never really been a proper high-end watch company, they really just filled the gap between true high-end watches (Rolex, etc) and good quality mechanical watches from the likes of Seiko, Citizen, etc. And the problem is the customers in this price bracket (wannabe middle class) are those who are struggling in the recession. Tag have found themselves on the wrong side of the new divide between rich and poor. The other problem for them is that they failed to compete in the 4,000-10,000 price range, as in that range you have many brands with more cachet. It is a bit like the VW Phaeton, even if it was OK who would spend 60k or more on a VW ? The reality is that people want a BMW, Mercedes or Jaguar badge (or Rolex, IWC, JLC watch) at that price. Omega have been slightly more successful in transitioning to higher prices, perhaps supported by the Seamaster/James Bond connection, but ultimately I see them having the same problem. And of course longer term the whole industry is in trouble. If you look at any of the watch forums you can see that all posters deny the industry is under risk from technology (they point to the fact that the quartz “crisis“ of the 70s was overcome). I think much of the denial is driven by the fear that the value of their watch/watches will head down to nothing. I myself have always liked watches, probably since I bought myself an automatic Seiko 5 in my early teens, so I will remain a potential customer for the posh-brands for the foreseeable future. But kids who never had a mechanical wristwatch, and whose first experiences are with smart phones or smart watches, they will have no reason to buy in the future. Why would they want to spend many thousands of pounds to lose functionality ?
  17. A cubic mile of concrete would weigh around 10 gigatons, and this is only 2/3 of that. Still a pretty big lump, but perhaps less than people imagine.
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