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  1. Right there with you. I have been talking of changing car recently and am often met with the response of, "But you have only had it for 2 years - isn't it paid off yet?" I paid in full when I collected it, as I did with my previous car of five years.
  2. A couple of things: 1. It was after 3am, what did you expect? 2. Bo!!ocks!
  3. Bo11ocks. Bo11ocks. Supply of what? Perhaps "us lot" on this forum are, but we are in the minority. Whoopee! Democracy my ass. How much say have you had in the laws/bills/acts passed in this country... ever? Again, bo11ocks. That's not a good thing, it's a bad thing. No, you're just being wrong. Eh...? What? Even though we make up less than 10% of the English speaking population of the world? moo.
  4. Anyway, getting back to ASPC Stats... ASPC Q2 2009 Not mentioned on the site yet, but there anyway. I wonder what tosh the Pish & Journal will make of this. Most of the people daft enough to want to buy a house in Aberdeen will probably be daft enough to think that this means now is A Good Time To Buy. It seems strange to me, being the cynic I am, that they manage to produce their figures in almost half the time that it took when prices went down. We'll see how they get on in Q3 when they inevitably do again. lots of love, Moo.
  5. The way I see it, this is completely different from radio or MTV. You don't tune in to YouTube to see what they are playing, you go there and specifically play what you want. So, perhaps it should be the users paying for watching - just like they would if they were listening to music on Rhapsody, iTunes, Napster etc. Then again, from another point of view, is a music video anything more than an advert for the music itself? Who would pay to watch adverts? Should Google have to pay to screen adverts?
  6. The husband takes out a BTL mortgage for more than he can afford, with his wife as the tenant. I know of 3 couples who have done this in the past 5 years. Idiots.
  7. I emailed ASPC asking when the q4 figures are likely to be out. I got this: They must have an awful lot of sales to process if it is taking them this long. Moo
  8. The speed and extent of the inevitable crash in Aberdeen will depend greatly on one thing happening: The people who live there/want to live there need to wake up and realise that it is not a great place to live at all. It is not the glittering jewel of granite that the locals seems to think it is. It is not a city, merely an overgrown fishing village complete with fishing village mentality. It is devoid of any culture whatsoever, to the point of being utterly vapid. It has the worst transport infrastructure of any place I have ever been. Everything there is vastly overpriced - not just the property - and I can't see a single reason why it should be. And, despite what anyone else says, Aberdonians are not at all friendly. I could go on, but I can't be bothered. I lived in Aberdeen for over 30 years, and grew to hate it and the vast majority of its inhabitants. I made the mistake of moving back there at the start of 2007 (having lived somewhere worse - the Welsh Valleys) and was sick of it within a year. Mini rant over. I feel better, and that's all that matters. Moo.
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