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  1. Yeah nothing is moving on the Wirral, Ive noticed even the shoeboxes in the bad areas priced extremely cheaply arent selling. Not that anyone would want to live there but even investors are keeping clear. I can see these properties ending up as 30k properties in a few months.
  2. Wirral Borough Council upped the council tax then it was found out a few weeks later that they had a suplus of cash stashed away in an Icelandic Bank and were crying about its collapse. CT payments are utter crap, how can they claim it needs to be increased when there sitting on 2 million in unspent taxes. BTW, whats a freeman?
  3. Yeah, this will put people off buying within the next 6 months, by then things will be much worse and people will be holding out for more drops. The more articles like this and the 55% drop predictions should hopefully hammer home that not only do we want to own our own home someday, we want it to be at affordable prices.
  4. Does the 30 days still apply when you have no contract? Well the LL has failed to renew the expired contract in over a year and has been happy enough as we have not yet missed any payments so has not ever came to renew.
  5. This made me laugh so hard , keeps these coming guys I need a good laugh.
  6. To keep this short, the house im renting had a leak in the attic, a ceiling in the bedroom almost fell in and needing fixing. LL said he would get some one, after a lot of messing I had to get in touch with a plasterer and got it fixed, I paid the plasterer and the LL then refunded me the money. When the LL came to pay me the money, he had a look at the handymans work and left with no mention of the work being finished. By finished I mean the ceiling needed painting and so did the walls due to the leak and plastering. To keep the peace, the missus happy and sort it before xmas I went out and bought the paint and did the ceiling and walls myself. Was It the LL's duty to have finished the work off or was just having the ceiling mended enough? The LL's are a really nice couple but as first time LL's they are in my opinion shirking on their duties as LL's on past repairs.
  7. I agree with most on here, they got blind greedy thinking it was insider trading and they got conned.
  8. Is this the fraud Bud Burrell was warning of months ago? The amounts Burrell hinted at makes £33 billion certainly only 'tip of iceberg', he even warned that when the American public realise just how much was defrauded and shipped abroad that there could be civil unrest.
  9. I wasnt at the Poll Tax protests (Bit to young at the time), does anyone know of any organisations that are planning any future peaceful protests, I just feel that "resistance is futile" and Im feeling more frustrated at not knowing what to do about the whole situation. I feel that me trying to be the good citizen, saving for a house, not racking up CC debt has just been laughed at.
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