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  1. A 2 bed HOUSE for £190K in London is a bargain - no wonder loads of people are interested. I don't really understand the point about it being on the market the previous year. Surely someone can sell a house after only a year if their job changes or for whatever reason.
  2. This is true. I believe the amount due each month is 5% of any wages OVER £18K. Hardly breaks the bank. OK, so it will take ages to pay it back at this level, but it's financially easier than paying it back over 5 years like I have had to - five months to go - yippee! I think this system is also fairer because so many of my female friends have just defered in order to become stay at home mums. If they never go back out to work then they won't have to pay it, but I've been busting a gut to clear mine, and can't afford to have kids.
  3. He didn't think to ask the estate agent why the same house was worth £30K more four months later, then? D'oh!
  4. They pay you back a percentage of what you spend - only 3% or something, but it makes up for cr@p current account rates, and the money stays in your current account earning interest for longer.
  5. It's the novelist, not Nelson's sidekick. Am horrified about this too. It's tiny and there is no way they can cordon off an area for visitors like they do in a stately home. What a shame. I bet tenants wouldn't look after the garden either.
  6. It's all about timing You can't time the markets After the crash I will be able to buy a house without a mortgage My parents were able to buy a semi in a nice area on 3.5 x one working man's salary House prices only ever go up
  7. Slightly OT but I wonder if the reason the government have been slow to implement STD health clinics for young people is because they are hoping that this chlamydia epidemic will make the chav masses infertile, and thus stop draining the economy?
  8. Was wondering why it took so long for someone to mention the Boomers... I earn well above the national average but can't afford to buy a house. It's all the greedy estate agents fault. It wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for self cert/IO mortgages...
  9. What the heck has this got to do with whether they are allowed in this country or not? Are you saying now that we can only have "civilised" people emigrate to the UK? Luckily for you, you were born into a country with plenty of water that had been treated before being pumped into your home, thus sparing you numerous water borne diseases that the majority of the planet's population have to deal with on a daily basis. You remind me of my racist ex flatmate - she came back from Egypt and started banging on about how dirty Egyptians were. Astonishing, considering in the three years we lived to
  10. Hillingdon is just one big housing estate! There is a small, posher part full of detached houses where the prices are pretty steep, and they border on North Uxbridge which is well to do with fairly high prices. South Uxbridge is not quite so nice as North (during the World Cup, I walked along one street that had about 12 England flags hanging out of the window IYKWIM) but the conservation area is lovely, and the further south you go, you get Cowley and Yiewsley, which are both a bit scruffy and run down. We've only been there since January, so don't really know much about the area. I was i
  11. Why would you build a house like that and then sell it??? Perhaps it willb e converted into a hotel, or bulldozes for blocks of executive luxury apartments?
  12. Hi Monopoly, we're in Uxbridge. Pinner is seen as highly desirable, hence the prices. As far as Northwood goes - I've only ever driven through it and don't really think the area has much going for it!! Having said that, from what I've seen, it is full of good family homes, peaceful and clean, and I believe the schools are good too. Ruislip, Hillingdon and Hayes seem to be full of chavs.
  13. I live in LB Hillingdon and can confirm that houseprices don't seem to be dropping. In fact, in the Spring we had about 7 properties go on sale in our street and they all sold within a week or so of being put on the market, with the exception of an extremely overpriced 3 bed terrace which came to the market mid Summer.
  14. If you take a look around the SL website it will tell you, but off the top of my head, it only gets written off after 25 years if you took the loan out before 2000 (or 2001 I can't remember exactly), or when you get to the age of 50. (i don't know what happens to mature students). I think they realised that most graduates don't earn anywhere near the "average" graduate salary of £22K or whatever it is, so that is why they changed the threashold to £15K - probably because most people pre 2000 have defaulted on their loans. Hardly any of my peers have paid theirs off - have all become fulltime
  15. RB, I know how annualization is arrived at (d'oh!) My point is, from what you wrote it sounds like you are quoting haart's stats, when in fact it was a speculative figure. You didn't even justify the 12% in the posting - it was just an eye catching header.
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