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  1. Unfortunately my relative is not in a position to buy my share, the person already has a house. He has been told by his friends that this recovery is coming soon. Has anyone actually handled this situation?
  2. This is the first time I have used this forum but I am sure this is a situation that other people will have encountered. I have inherited a half share in a house, another relative owns the other share. The house was valued by an agent at £229,950 and is now on the market at that advertised price, since February. Since then there has been one viewing and no offers. I spoke to the agent this morning who told me this is a pricing issue and in the current market it should be marketed as "Offers over £199,000". I know house prices have dropped, how to I convince my relative of this when he says "
  3. Can someone please let me some ideas on selling a larger house in the current market. Sadly I am forced into this following a bereavement. Thanks
  4. I would be interested to know if anyone on here is my position of having to sell a house in the current market due to a bereavement? I am not looking for sympathy, most people have to face this eventually and I am not defending the ridiculous explosion in house prices of the last few decades. Of course a correction was inevitable, I was not expecting it to be as sudden and brutal as this! My father died a few months ago and owned a larger (5 bedroom) detatched house in a good area near Blackpool airport. I now own a half share with another relative. At the peak of the market (early 2006) t
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