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  1. Looked at it too and you are right the rooms are small. But same goes for some of the David Wilson homes/flats and they sell like hot cakes [mild exaggeration] Saw a beauty at Newtown linford. Costs 1.9 mill. Beautiful but ....
  2. Hi all, I am looking for any advice on guaranteed stock market bonds and guaranteed investment bonds Anyone with any experience with this? Thanks
  3. Anyone notice it is less than 50%. Hmm so civilization has a better chance of surviving than collapsing
  4. I think it will take more than a change in tactic to get people to ignore the fact that their money is not going as far as it did. Being made redundant because your employer has gone belly up is no longer a remote concept. Most of us actually know people who have been affected.
  5. If one has the money, it usually makes more sense to buy than to rent anyway. I know that there has been a recent downturn but the buy to let industry helps cushion that a little
  6. And another one bites the dust!
  7. Big problems ahead With the pound dropping against the Euro, working in this country will no longer be so lucrative for the europeans I wonder what effect that will have on our economy?
  8. You may find that property prices will not drop much further A lot of people are opting to rent and getting a tenant does not appear to be a problem at the moment
  9. Wow. I have read this thread with disbilief I cannot believe anyone can be so blind to their own responsibility for their life It's not about the 'big, bad them' whoever they are, it's about you It is not unreasonable for your deposit to get retained if you stained the carpets!!
  10. I really think there is no such thing as job security. Whatever industry you are in That's why diversification makes sense when it comes to source of income
  11. Intersting that house rental in Kent has fallen so low I really don't think this splurge in rental property is going to last a long time As interest rates go down and houses become affordaboe people will I think want to get on the property ladder. Availability of house for rent will go down and the prices will level out Of course this will take a few months but not worried at all
  12. Your main problem still remains the fact that most buyers will expect to have some of the cost reduced i.e negotiation. So if you go less than the value of the house then you are probably going to get even less than your asking price
  13. Not sure that inflation sorts out any problems. I mean does inflattion not reduce the value of the currency involved?
  14. You know I saw that clip on the news and missed the hands thing Pretty freaky His PR people had probably told him to stop putting his hands up and he keeps doing it and then correcting himself Saw the saving the world thing as well on prime ministers questions You know the man knew he had made a huge gaff the second it fell out of his mouth
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