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  1. Biggest benefit of flats is security. Houses are pretty exposed to predators, especially if your weird like me. Must admit, the girl is cute. Not being an Alpha male in possesion of a top notch snatch i doubt they would let me in. Such is life
  2. We are one of the top arms manufactures and exporters in the world. Whilst China exports 4000000 t-shirts to make a £1m we export 1 APC or tank or guns for a regiment. Britain has a vested interest in war. In fact, a large amount of UK companies look out for defence contracts, its were the money is, and its big money. As such, if times get hard you can probably see Britain push for a greater share or the global arms market. We are gross exporters of weapons of mass destruction. QED
  3. interesting, he predicts the collapse of retail and commercial property followed by revolution....... I dont think the Americans have it in them, too dispersed, locallised riots maybe, but not fullscale revolution unless hes thinking that the army intends to section of california and call it a new state or something like that.
  4. maybe alot of the staff were temps and dont count as official staff losses got me to thinking if any one had set up www.ilostmyjob.co.uk for redundent people to go to and tell their story, but the domain goes to http://www.rpm-solutions.co.uk/about_RPM/meet_the_team.html Appears they save money by hiring dogs were good honest English people would have done.... gggrrr
  5. suits me, bannanas is what it is. I love these terms. Measure stuff the whatsits and calclates things in whatdotoucallthems. But having a brownturn is also suitable and should go int the dictionary.
  6. oh wow, i cant wait for rents to fall to below what im paying, im totally moving. ive been here for 9 years!!!! pay £625/month. It was EXPENSIVE when I moved here. If i wanted to move to a place i fancy which is worse technically than here its £1200/month. Can see some places at £675/month like mine. It would be a major relief if I could actually move. 9 years is VERY VERY depressing. Its a nice place but jesus - thats my life, and i hate everyone in this area. Even if I cant buy now moving to a cheaper/better rental might drive the insanity away.
  7. not sure if this has been mentioned but i just did two things. First i called them. You have to speak to some people that are in your area. I called them and the person i spoke to was a total retard, but they did say that they could not comment on the new scheme because it was not due to come on line until January and even then she wasn't sure. Her attitude totally pissed me off, I dont want to fund huge wastes of space like that. I asked her about the other options I heard in the voice system and she said she didn't work in the call centre so couldn't help. I was already mad, so I said, in a mad way, OK LETS PUT THIS ANOTHER WAY, WHAT ASSISTANCE CAN YOU GIVE ME IN BUYING A HOUSE AS A FIRST TIME BUYER? She seemed to cotton on that I was asking for help from her dept/organisation and asked where I lived, so I told her, and she asked where? So I told her again, and she said thats another region and she could put me through, so I said YOUR USELESS ARNT YOU, and she said pardon? SO I SAID IT AGAIN AND HUNG UP. But thats not the reason for the post. I then calculated the value of £30k over 5 years. If you calculate £30k over 5 years at 5.5% (using BBC mortgage calculator) it comes to £137.50/month or about £8500 in total. So in short the governemnt is giving you £4250 and the builders are giving you the same again, which considering the value of the properties is BS. The seller could easily just reduce the cost by that much, or even give it away for free, and then we wouldn't have to pay those parasite government workers to turn simplicity into a beurocratic nightmare that pays MONEY TO IDOITS etc etc. Point is, the scheme is essentially just giving you £8.5k at best. Make sense?
  8. The whole situaation makes me feel suicidal, not that I would kill myself, but its easy to see the benefits. In a nut shell i dont want to me FORCED to invest my WHOLE LIFE on a sh%t hole. All i'll ever be able to afford is a crappy place amongst crappy people. I dont also want to have to pay for that. It should be free. This country is evil.
  9. does this assistance to out of work white collar workers [keyword WORKERS] involve giving them nice new blue shirts, thus making them blue collar workers [note again the keyword WORKERS]. I totally agree with keeping the workers at work - i think its about time the nations dry stone wall heritage was brought back into tip top condition, far too many loose slates and rocks for my likeing, a national disgrace
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegal...ws.html?image=6 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegal...ws.html?image=5
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