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  1. There was a rumour AD was going to resign a couple of months ago But if he had what impact would that have had on the markets? I'm not sure if he's a decent man or not but he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't He's a Muppet for taking the job on under Brown in the first place
  2. More bullets pulled out of people and the ceiling than held in the magazine of SS' gun? That's according to Napoleon Solo anyway... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...ert-Vaughn.html
  3. yup How to screw up a war story: The New York Times at work That's not to absolve the Russians of all responsibility. The speed of their reaction means that it is very likely that they knew exactly what was going to happen and when
  4. Comrade Vlad giving his account of the situation at a press conference a couple of days ago... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9aJJFehzKFU he manages to work in a dig at the journalists towards the end
  5. One question I haven't seen a clear answer to is how is it domestically contracted AIDS infections in the UK haven't risen in the same way that other STDs have in recent years? Where's the epidemic we were warned about 20 years ago? It's not as if Brits have become super-careful about sexual health over that time
  6. There are some interesting parallels between HPI/HPC and the the Man Made Global Warming thing You got one group of people looking at graphs of recent upward trending data, extrapolating that trend way, way up and coming up with explanations as to why this time it's different and why the upward trend is going to continue for the foreseeable future. They currently have the majority of politicians and the media on their side On the other side you've got people arguing that global mean temperature, like house prices, is cyclic, that there are signs a turning point has been reached and a downturn could well be on the cards The question I always ask people when the subject of MMGW comes up, whether they are pro or anti, is what data would it take for you to change your point of view, or is your position just a matter of faith and more or less set in stone? Personally, I'm sceptical about the significance of the human component in global climate change. That's, I believe, a reasoned and well researched opinion and I have set the boundaries at which I will change that point of view. The spectacle of watching people accuse each other of being retards or invoking the consensus of vested interests, for or against, ain't going to swing it for me
  7. There's no way Madoff could have kept a <$50bn Ponzi scheme running for years on his own. Just no way Two possible explanations come to mind - Either a small group of people, including some regulators, were complicit in Madoff's scheme - Or It wasn't a Ponzi scheme at all. Madoff suffered huge trading losses, as so many other hedge funds have this year. In a desperate punt, Madoff trashed his paperwork and claimed to be a fraudster so that his clients could claim compensation on the basis they were failed by regulators
  8. People are panicking alright but there is some rationality to it. Our government seems set on destroying the credibility and value of the pound. Also, for the life of me, I cannot see any reason to believe that most of the UK's bad news is now in the open. The Euro is undoubtedly a basket case but if people around the world see it as a credible alternative reserve currency to the equally screwed up dollar that doesn't matter much. The Americans have got away with writing bad cheques off the dollar's reserve status for 40 years I do hear what you're saying. I moved out of sterling at the Euro 1.28 level without a second thought. If I had to make that decision at Euro 1.07, I would go for a walk, talk a few deep breaths and think very carefully about how I was hedged against different potential outcomes
  9. You could use the same logic to argue that now is the time to get back into the housing market All the major currencies out there have fundamental weaknesses and any one of them could plunge tomorrow Personally, I just want to retain the value of what I have. In the current climate staying in just one currency, any currency, makes me nervous.
  10. Yes, just look at the state pension system My Mum still thinks the government's holding a pot of cash with her name on it
  11. No, there doesn't have to be Today's 'safe' is tomorrow's disaster, if and when enough people panic and pile out of it and there's been plenty of that going on this year whatever you put your money into, I'd suggest thinking about diversifying it a little
  12. it's tricky though isn't it What when so much of the apparent incompetence so often favours the rich at the expense of the not so rich
  13. "2. They deliberately precipitated the biggest credit splurge in history to bring about the end of capitalism and instigate their New World Order corporate socialist dystopia. The end of democracy, the middle class and privately owned asset wealth." I'm not sure that the current crisis is that different, aside from its scale, to many others that have happened before. I'm not going to repeat a certain Jefferson quote, as I've no doubt you already know it off by heart From an historical perspective, the economic and political freedoms ordinary people have enjoyed in some parts of the world Post WW2 can arguably seen as an aberration We're just headed back to how things used to be, bolstered by lots of new intrusive technologies and, yes, I believe it to be deliberate
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