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  1. You're right; I'm personally of the impression that they are toys. If people are maxed out on debt then purchases like that will be the first to go. I certainly wouldn't buy one to commute on all year round in the UK.
  2. The point being that you can't fund AJ Bell with USD, so they charge you a tenner to do it for you. It will be iShares who do the conversion in the case of IBTL. They may provide the info on their site about that.
  3. No idea sorry. You might think saving a tenner FX fees on each purchase is worthwhile though. IBTL is also available through their regular investment scheme at £1.50 per purchase.
  4. Contrary to @durhamborn, I'd say IBTL, as they are effectively the same thing but IBTL is denominated in GBP, so you won't get FX fees.
  5. Thanks for the response. Segwit appears to have reduced this quite a lot with increased uptake. Just an anecdote but I paid 7 pence as a fee last week and there was no apparent delay. Admittedly, it was only a small transaction for my monthly VPN, but it worked out around 2%, not 20. I don't know what will win out, myself.
  6. Doesn't really add much to the thread unless you explain why. Could you explain your reasoning please? Not being difficult, genuinely interested.
  7. They specifically state it's not an ERC20 token: "Step 6 — Token Distribution Within (30) days of the sale being completed Swifts will be delivered to the Swift Address associated with your account. Please note that this is not an ERC-20 token. Swifts will exist on an entirely separate blockchain and you will be responsible for managing your funds."
  8. GDX and GDXJ are listed on the LSE though!? [EDIT: Youinvest will quote and let me get as far as the 'buy' button, which it didn't do for SIL below.] I previously mentioned I bought SIL in my ISA with Youinvest. Just tried to get a quote and it now pops this up: " There is a restriction on dealing in this investment. Please contact our Dealing services team on 0345 373 3479." Looks like they've gone the same way...
  9. Not going to happen. Is it now? Just turned 55? Totally agree, though if the intention is to create insane inflation to wipe the huge levels of debt it might just work... Ditto. Or foreign currency. Or shares. Or crypto. Any asset that isn't GBP really.
  10. I'm not one (that I recall!) who has claimed in this thread that we have high inflation, but wages have stagnated for at least 15 years, and I see my shopping bill of the same things going up regularly. Combining the two certainly makes me feel that official inflation figures are inaccurate . I also think that considering the levels of public and private debt, the only realistic way out is inflating it away. Thankfully for the UK, we're not the only economy in this situation, so relative to other major currencies we're not going to see it go insane. Hopefully.
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