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  1. Actually Yes because the media said to vote yes. The Yes campaign even aimed at people who wouldn't supposedly be affected by the charge. They would however benefit from the "improvements" from it. The following was blasted out by the Vote Yes campaign on all of their adverts along with the tacky "Real" person. How can you say No after reading that? Local papers were full of these adverts, they were on billboards, they were sodding everywhere. The letter pages in the local papers were clogged with huge essays from councilors and campaigners on how wonderful it will be for everyone if we get this through. But I guess everyone who opposes these sorts of bullying tactics is a "sheeple".
  2. http://www.wevoteyes.co.uk/factvsfiction.aspx I wonder when they'll take that website down now?
  3. We don't live in a "Live and let live" society.
  4. 79% against 21% for. Hardly surprising. The Yes campaign complained about the low turn out (think it was about 60%), if they didn't produce those irritating posters of "Real" people who are voting Yes, they might have had more luck. "I'm voting yes because we take the bus"... Yeah Thanks for that. This just wasn't the answer anyway, maybe they should consider reworking some of those intelligently placed bus lanes and lanes merging into one instead? I do think they'll try and plug it again until they get the figures they want though.
  5. While I agree with getting rid of Brown and his "long" term plans of winning the next election at any cost, asking people to vote Tory... Does anyone really want that lot in power? I suppose Labour couldn't be worse in opposition than the Tories at least. It's still a tall order and I think most people will just stay at home instead.
  6. Indeed. Working for ones living is an extrememly vulgar thought. One surely cannot be associated with a peasant activity. Let us know if you get the hand outs
  7. Makes you wonder who is actually going to be tedious enough to enforce this? Besides I thought everyone was getting cheap cigs off the knock off Nigels? Or is it drug/arms dealers? I get them all confused.
  8. No party ever win. The other one just loses significantly more votes. If I have to vote, I'd vote monster raving loony party. Otherwise I don't bother. Same goes with the local elections.
  9. They're only making arses of themselves and causing annoyances for the officials who have to remove them. That plane is going to go wherever it's going regardless if they're on it or chaining themselves to fences nearby. Makes no difference. And the thought of a counter protest? Nice idea but I honestly think everyone is a little bit too busy to go wind up a bunch of tedious non entities in need of a life.
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