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  1. Except people are now blocking them and are now getting no ads at all!
  2. Just people getting the beer in for the world cup. Will be down 1%+ for this month!
  3. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=31684 Poll running, it was moved to a part of the forum not many read! Go there now before this thread joins them!
  4. Yields will rise when prices fall as yield is based on current price!
  5. There are tips on how to remove them in the about forum, wonder how long they will stay
  6. Just to say maxthon can remove the ads too (and any other content including Mr trees ) with the RemoveIT plugin.
  7. They already are for dropping last year. However, as Gordon has the majority control of the MPC, it is more the governments fault.
  8. They have had a store refit program on-going for some time now. It is just some journalist who can't read a financial release to shareholders! They close stores while they rip out shelving, modify layout etc. Nothing to be alarmed about Bauger has been building a stake for a while now, everytime the price dips, he ups his stake and the price rises. Last I heard it was 10% or thereabouts.
  9. The report is wrong or misleading at best. 54 stores having been closed for periods during the 19 weeks to enable their 10/10 refit. and A similar number of stores are scheduled to be refitted over the remainder of the year. Ie they closed to enable them to be upgraded to the new format, they are now open again. Good journalism, they should go back to writing how house prices will double over the next 12 months?
  10. RPI 3.0% (up 0.4%). RPIX 2.9% (up 0.5%). edit:corrected figures
  11. http://www.statistics.gov.uk/pdfdir/cpi0606.pdf not read it yet though, wonder how the bus passes are doing this month
  12. Only if Gordon's fudge team are on holiday!
  13. The problem is that it isn't a free market, if it was there would not be a shortage of houses in these areas. Planning changes are needed rather than higher taxes, although there should be no discounts!
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