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  1. Confirms what I keep saying if you have a bad landlord report them to HMRC regarding Income Tax. It is perfectly reasonable to suspect that if a landlord does not obey the law with respect to tenant laws/rights then they won't be paying Income Tax. If you suspect that someone isn't paying their income tax I'd say it's your moral duty to report them to the relevant authorities. Yeah I know the Human Rights, let perverts out of jail early brigade will say that's harassing the landlord - well no it isn't, read what I wrote in the previous paragraph.
  2. My dad bought his first house (3 bed detached) when he was my age on a factory workers salary (average salary at best) and the mortgage was paid off in 10ish years (if I remember correctly). My parents still live in the same house, the last house that sold on their street went for £250k, my above average salary would need to double (i.e. a combined salary) and I'd still only be able to afford it if I had a >10% deposit.
  3. Not exactly a long article, but confirms what was mentioned on BBC Wales about the Welsh Assembly Government wanting to suspend 'right to buy' in Wales. The amount of social housing available in Wales has halved from 300,000 homes to 150,000. The words gate, horse and bolted spring to mind. http://icwales.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/02...-name_page.html The responce from the Tory Boy AM shows the Tories haven't changed, going on about how great a thing it is :angry:
  4. Update on the house that sold round the corner from me that I mentioned above. It actually sold for £227k...
  5. Yes, people who have the luxury of living at home have it very easy. For a modest flat in Wales: £400 pm rent £70 pm council tax (Band D in Wales but would be Band B in England) £30 pm water rates £40-50pm gas & electricity £20 pm insurance £10 pm telephone (£25 if you also have broadband) £10 pm TV license Add to that £120pm food £30pm car expenses (petrol, service, insurance) or bus journey to work So £740 pm for the above £25k salary = approx £1600 take home pm (excluding any pension payments) Leaves £860, from which student loan payments are made, clothes are bought, odd night out is paid for, luxuries are bought, holidays are paid, etc.
  6. OK time to report on my thoughts of the programme. First of all well done to BBC Wales for actually daring to say that HPI may not be such a great thing. Ok lets get the BTL bloke done and out of the way with, he appeared about 10mins into the programme after they'd made the point about high houseprices and FTBs now having to compete with BTL'ers. The interview with him was neutral but you could see he felt uncomfortable discussing the BTL stuff and he mentioned that buying the BTLs would help his kids pay for a house when they grow-up (first and last time he was shown). In no particular order... 1st case 27 year old single woman with a reasonable salary (£25/7k). Usual FTB problems mentioned. In the end to be able to buy the house she wanted the mortgage company required her mum's name to be added to the mortgage (i.e. be liable for repayments if her daughter can't keep up with them). Baby boomer Mum comments at the end of the programme that houseprices are too high for FTBs. 2nd case 25 year old single mother. Basically has a decent enough job, gets into debt, can't meet her bills, gets pregnant ends up being evicted from her rented home. Days after giving birth has to register herself as homeless. She sees that the only way she'll 'get on the ladder' is if she gets a council house and buys through right to buy**. She ends up in some housing association commune type place. ** Apparently Welsh Assembly Gov. wants to suspend right-to-buy. 3rd case couple with several kids the had their house repo'd. He lost his job (or something), she got cancer, ran into debt, got a Carol Voderman type loan, couldn't keep up repayments. Two weeks after her operation for cancer they were repo'd, now live in 2/3 bed rented accomodation with 5 kids (I think) waiting for a council house. Had a CAB worker saying how she sees a lot of cases of people getting into financial problems. Housing Assoc. woman and programme complaining about lack of social housing, there used to be 300k council houses in Wales now there are 158k. Even had a guy from the Principality BS saying that prices can't continue to grow at their present rate because of wages etc. They mentioned the whole x6 average salary business and how in terms of prices v wages they're more expensive than London. Last comment from the property econonmist (Ed Stansfield), the worrisome guy, was along the lines of "current levels of HPI are unsustainable and if they continue at their present rate there'd be disasterous consequences". Was it bearish, yes and no, I think it was just telling the truth, didn't really go on about an HPC apart for Ed's comment right at the end but certainly did say that prices can't go up the way they are. All in all, they ought to show this programme in the rest of the UK just to let people know how much damage HPI is doing. Hopefully they'll put something up about the programme later today or this week check out: http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/weekinweekout/ EDIT: Knew I'd forget something, they also mentioned HIPs and were pretty much saying that it would be a good thing for buyers as they could look at the HIP before putting in an offer. One person who does surveys said that there is a risk that people with dodgy houses will try and put them on the market before HIPs come in.
  7. I'll let people know what happens on the programme but I have a inkling that they might make that point today - maybe in a minor way ("look how others have made money") or in a more drastic way ("btl'ers have made money and pushed prices up").
  8. Now come on play fair, we accuse the BBC of spin and twisting the news but we're doing exactly the same. This is one of the most bearish things I've seen from the BBC in a long time. To quote a bit more from the BBC Wales article: <snip>
  9. Never thought I'd see this but the BBC (albeit BBC Wales) are investigating the human cost of high house prices. The local news is saying that houses in Wales are more overpriced (wrt to wages) than London and Week In Week Out tonight (BBC1 Wales 10.45pm) is investigating the human cost. To quote their blurb: "Week In Week Out investigates the human cost of spiralling house prices, from first-time buyers struggling to get on the ladder to families left homeless after re-possession."
  10. Reggie have a look at the detached figures as they give a reasonable-ish representation of what's happening at the higher end of the market Detached £270,515 Quarter Change -6.1% Annual 2.8% Round the corner from me someone was selling for £300k couldn't shift it after over a year and pulled it off the market. Some one a few doors down from him sold a similar house for £235k(ish) (took around a year to sell started at £285k) - the last time a place sold for that 'little' was August 2003 for £215k, (£265k May 2004, £285k Nov 2004). Certain sectors are holding up particularly terraced houses being bought by FTBs, others aren't, have a look at flats - annual fall in price of 10% - that's negative equity territory.
  11. Well according to the BBC Cardiff Average Cost: £171,619 Detached: £270,515 Semi-detached: £179,509 Terraced: £154,626 Flat: £135,143 Change in last quarter: -0.9% Change in last year: 2% Sales: 1186 Now splitting it all up Type AV PRICE (£) QUARTER ANNUAL SALES Detached £270,515 -6.1% 2.8% 156 Flats £135,143 -2.2% -11.5% 246 Semi £179,509 2% 7.2% 276 Terr £154,626 2.9% 4.5% 508
  12. [delurk] Some one needs to write a similar letter to the Western Mail as a reply to the articles they've had in the past week about how great high house prices are... :angry: [lurk]
  13. Yes I can see the Tories digging out their old Labour isn't working posters. Maybe we need a sticky jobs lost thread as 1,000's of job losses have been announced over the past few weeks.
  14. Yet more "good news" from Brown's "miracle ecomony". http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/coventr...ire/4919312.stm Peugeot to close their Warwickshire as the plant is too expensive to run. Edit: Correct spelling of Peugeot
  15. Pass his name and detail to HMRC just incase he isn't paying income tax. Which I think is a fair bet if he's threatening violence. That's my advice to all tennants if their landlord tries to do downright dodgy things. If they are prepared to break the law with regards to your rights it is a fair bet that they will be breaking the law regarding paying income tax, so report them to HMRC. Do not feel guilty about doing this! Not giving you your deposit back is theft from you. Not paying income tax is essentially theft from you and every other law abiding citizen.
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