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  1. Thanks guys, this is what I have so far: - Have a good website with live prices (all part of the plan so far, I look forward to being able to launch in the new year) Silver should be physical, not offshore. We would need to charge VAT on physical, the thinking behind offshore was to save charging VAT. Would you prefer to pay the extra 15% to have it to hold? If so this isn't a problem, just looking to keep your costs down where we can. Silver in 1oz and upwards to 5kg (what kind of premiums are we looking at here?) Gold in 1g and upwards to 1kg Delivery by royal mail special (we currently use this as our only service on items up to 2.5k in value. We are exploring the idea of insuring any excess using this service) Some unusual bits of silver updated regularly for the collectors Premiums - Given the current coin shortage we aer buying in Kru's and Sovs at 100% of spot, although this is likely to revert to Spot -2% in the future. Sale premims - I see there is a 3.8% premium, but no word on what denomination the bar is. Its a very competitive price at the 1kg end. Any more feedback on prices? Thanks again for the feedback - if you do have more please keep it coming. As I say we are looking to build this stuff into a service thats good for you guys. Many Thanks again!!
  2. Ok, so here it is. I part own a scrap gold dealer in London, who also currently buy and sell gold coins. Some of you may know which one, but I will not be mentioning the name in the interest of not spamming. We have started selling a few bullion bars and are going to launch into this in a bigger way in January. I'd like to canvass you to see what you'd like from your bullion dealer to try to help us deliver a better service to you. Obviously we'll be aiming to make a profit so they'll be no sales at spot minus a% or anything like that but we'd really appreciate your input in trying to deliver a service you'd all value. Feel free to comment on any area you like, here are a few examples of areas where we'd like some feedback: - Products We are thinking of offering:- -Sovereigns -Krugerrands -Gold bullion (what demoninations would be popular, we can do 1 gram 1 kilo and the usual splits in between - what do you buy?) -Offshore VAT free silver (any interest in this) Delivery -What are your preffered methods of carriage? -How important is lead time? Price -We are probably looking to buy in from the public at spot -2% (for gold coins and bullion) is this value for you? -Sale price reasonable premiums on 1kg / 500g / 250g bars? How about 1g 5g 10g, would these be of interest? -How do you like to fix your price? Service -We always aim to try to set ourselves apart on service, but how important is it to you? -Would you always like to deal with the same person? Hopefully you'll take this in the way it is intended and help us design a better service for you guys. I'm not trying to advertise my company and will keep that anon but I am trying to design a service that meets what you guys want us customers. Thanks in advance, Matt
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