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  1. I work from home and also commute to client sites or office 90 mins away, I do the commute about 2-3 times a week. But I'm pretty committed as I part own a business, I don't feel my life is hindered by it more enriched overall as I'm happy where I live and have a good work setup. Sure in an ideal world my company would be closer to home but life doesn't always conform to the ideal, so I don't get wound up about the extra time spent commuting. In reality the wider picture of an interesting/better job that let's you fulfil some ambition is going to be a lot better for you than restricting what you will and won't do within a certain time/distance. If you can get both , then good for you. You have to weigh up the commute as one bad aspect of a job against the benefits and what you're trying to achieve with it. A flat no to a longer commute is as bizarre to me as blindly commuting long distances for no financial or other kind of gain.
  2. Yep, sorry off on a tangent a bit, I get the attraction to Monmouthsire in general for decent schools etc I live here, I love it here. I guess I didn't explain it's a local thing in the area for some reason in the boom years Shirenewton ( area of house you posted, just about though looking at the map ) has historically attracted a bit more attention and priced up as a premium area locally, but I've never figured out why, it doesn't stand out in any way to me above other villages in the Wye Valley, rural outskirts of Chepstow etc. etc.
  3. That looks fairly sensible and good to see some reality is returning to the market in the area. I'm Monmouthshire based - Shirenewton is a nice spot , but definitely talked up by EA's during the boom as the classic 'sought after area' - it seemed to get a momentum of it's own and have a premium on all properties as a result. I have absolutely no idea why , the schools, pubs and amenities are basically average for the area, there are equally beautiful areas nearby - never got why it attracted extra cash.
  4. I've taken out over twice that on a regular basis for various bits and bobs over the years out of Barclays , and shit all has happened so far, they might just be lulling me into a false sense of security, the cunning bastards!
  5. is there anyone on this site who doesn't enjoy a doomsday survivalist ***** fest ?
  6. Great post. I find it all v interesting to see where this new world of capitalism will take us more than anything but also a bit concerned for the future and my kids. But at the same time not too concerned because it's cliched but, without wanting to sound like a monty python sketch, when I grew up we had nothing in comparative wealth to what we have now but were v happy. If you've got enough to get by and your health is good, money counts for shit all when you measure what really is important in life.
  7. If its a bargain I'd say go for it if you think you can comfortably afford it and really want to live there . . . .if you are just fishing for a bargain for the sake of it, stretching yourself to get it and you are not sure about the price or place, don't do it
  8. Indeed, +2 - this I believe the slightly silvery lining to the pounds' shitty cloud . . . .
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