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  1. Blair was just the boy despicable that he was -sorry still is -vomit inducing b/tard Brown as Chancellor had the purse strings and much more, so more in in control than B/liar- now Brown as Prime Chancellor still has the purse strings...blame Blair for being the weak plonker that he was but Bonzo was and is always in control- he is an absolute control freak and thtas the best most can say of him!
  2. agreed re VI's but; i had a good offer?? re new flat fully furnished and to be used as show flat rent paid for 2 yrs-good enough to consider. I spoke to family freind who is a mortgage broker excellent rep etc etc but bash away if you wish-anyway he said - just walk away as prices were going down etc etc- he gave me details of an E/agent in Oxfordshire to find out local picture etc i spoke to EA and he just revealed tales of woe and said Yes some houses were selling to people who had to buy and those who maybe older would not worry too much about neg/ek' as they would stay put. but in a nutshell not much was coming onto the market/far less was selling and significant price drops did not mean a mortgage/or a purchase. As an aside i spoke to local (single0 barman training to become a teacher- he had blown previous house profit on travels. he said if he good get 100% mortgage he would buy NOW! i did give him a few pointers to consider but when i left thought that he might be teaching my g/children
  3. don't worry folks- she (the evil piece of shite) said she will intervene to prevent ''first time buyers being priced out'' what an evil piece of ------- so if she does 'intervene' the lying horse faced ---- she will as she has done before just fkuk everything up.like the rest of her lot they are consistent in **** -ups so now 'our leader can withdraw all incentives eh?
  4. did anyone see? Question time when dimbleby (mydadgotmethisjob) in response to public quetion just let 'Shawn' the Sheep woodward rabit on and do a prty polictical broadcast saying how good brown/labour were- no inturrupt at all-despite just saying limited time etc -woodard rabbits on but when it came to Tory jobbie whoever he was allowed woodward to interupt and hurried tory speaker up and made jokes at his expense--
  5. hi, can you explain re short-dated 'T's please-as in what we have to face? ta
  6. Not at any time did they mention the cost of QE! another debt on top of all the rest... softened up? soften up who? who watches % wise of Uk pop.? anyway they don't care what we think Bonzo the prime chancellor will do anything to keep himself in power
  7. m?H'boro is a 1st rate 'Market' town- have not visited for 3/4 yrs but always enjoyed doing so.
  8. nice neighbours............help push prices up........
  9. if L has property empty for one month he loses £1000 (or whatever) his mortgage might be xyz so S/he is better off taking £100 off ... I will soon be looking on Isle of Wight ...any news?? please
  10. many thanks 'profit' i am much wiser for that- re other post re motorpoint 'imports' i queried this and am satisfied that Mondeos -Uk legal & have 3 yr valid warranty in Uk imports or not. I'm told they don't haggle as their prices are so low- any views out there? Do they auction off?
  11. I'm about to dump my 1600,11 yrs old Mondeo with 140,000 and body work damage. been looking at Motorpoint selling 2007 1800 Mondeo at £6000 (14000 miles) but this price was 2008 and still has not changed 2009? would really appreciate any advice -to purchase i/2 yrs old Mondeo- my old one i replaced bulbs and brakes and one new exhaust!!
  12. don't pre judge 'northeners' i was up north during maggies strike- brought on by Scargill just using us for his own polictical ends-he did not care one jot for miners this was all about bringing down govt for his own ends. had he and his ilk got their way none of you would be on this site today- u would all have your little boxes aka Romanie etc... Most 'northeners' hated Scargill and maggie alike - and don't run away with the idea that Maggie did no have any fans north of Watford- she had many-millions in fact and maybe more than Scargill!! what we must not overlook is not all folks from 'tup north' are/were miners cheers
  13. surely this graph is quite meaningless?..just numbers? In 1945 a few owned their homes-and high deposit was the norm. Now as here in Uk ,Most own their homes and for many yrs pre cruch, will have been acquiring homes with relatively smaller deposit? Add the past couple of yrs of madness i.e. No deposit or minimum deposit-and 'equity' must go down
  14. ....there is a good article in this weeks 'Economist' whcih discusses when/if Italy would leave the Euro zone; A/ It won't- too much cost and upheaval and Italy has had unprecedented stability (by Italy standards!!) being in Eurozone Q, who would buy Italy new 'Lire' ....??
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